Delivering true Compliance as a Service, not just certifications

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We Understand What Matters Most to You.

One of your top priorities is selling more of your application(s), right? It can oftentimes be easier said than done, especially when it comes to filling out lengthy security questionnaires and compliance RFPs.

LightEdge takes on that responsibility and checks the audit boxes for you and your clients. We work with the nation’s top Regulated SaaS companies to empower you to sell more, faster through our unmatched compliance as a service.

On top of removing obstacles to sales, we also:

  1. Protect your bottom line by keeping your existing customers
  2. Reduce operational costs by allowing your team to focus on growth & innovation

Leave the security and compliance attestation to the experts.

Did You Know We Perform Free Reduced Cost Assessments?

It’s no secret the pandemic put a tremendous amount of stress on many companies and the clients you support. LightEdge has been working with numerous SaaS organizations like yours to perform free reduced cost estimates.

The goal? To uncover immediate savings and help to establish predictable pricing going forward. In many cases, we’re finding around 40% in reduced costs.

Here to Solve Your IT Challenges

Regulated SaaS Companies Choose Us for a Reason. LightEdge helps Regulated SaaS organizations accelerate competitive advantage and achieve long-term growth with:

  • Better Compliance – HITRUST & ISO 20000-1 certification paired with our Compliance as a Service
  • Better Uptime – impenetrable internet and change management
  • Better Performance – enterprise-grade, single-tenant dedicated infrastructure

Let’s Set Up an Executive Briefing

We Should Talk if You:

  • Demand 100% uptime with scalable bandwidth
  • Seek fully managed backup & disaster recovery (including testing)
  • Could benefit from predictable cost containment