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Cloud assessment

Infrastructure without limits

your cloud journey

Obtaining financial benefits and improving productivity can become a challenge due to the complexity of digital transformation. 

We specialize in cloud assessments to ensure your cloud journey is a well thought out path to success. We start by understanding your business, gathering data, analyzing workloads, and offering tailored solutions based on your unique environment. 

Cloud assessment


Proven, secure, trusted workload observation software that gathers information to create workload assessment deliverables. Our executive summary will provide best practices for right-sizing, performance improvement, vulnerability and cost analysis.

The lightedge approach

Although there is not one right environment for every workload, achieving cloud excellence involves identifying the ideal environment for each application. Discover how to maintain your workloads and maximize cost-efficiency while leveraging enhanced scalability and reliability provided by enterprise cloud computing, with our cloud assessment. The process is simple. 

Step 1: Business Alignment

Begin with identifying a genuine business challenge. We want to ensure that resolving the issue provides significant value to your business, validating the result will be time-bound.

Step 2: Environment Assessment​​

Our technical experts gather inventory and performance information quickly, securely and without disruption. 

Step 3: Solutions Matching​

Architects and engineers design the right solution based on your current needs while maintaining future proof capabilities. 

Step 4: Cost Justification​

Together, we create a thorough TCO analysis, building a business case and advising on how to best tell your vision.

Step 5: Seamless Migration​

We build a roadmap outlining exactly how we’re going to move you from current to future state and guarantee a smooth transition.

Guide to Transformation

Start your cloud assessment

Following the data collection process, we’ll collaborate closely to align the findings with your unique business processes and workloads, ensuring we map everything in a way that is meaningful to your operation.