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The LightEdge Cloud offers an easier path to the public cloud experience — a secure, scalable, multi or single tenant cloud that enables swift modernization without extensive refactoring or retooling. Get back to what matters: your business.

Lightedge cloud

Experience High-Level Security, Transparency, and a Cloud That Works for Your Business

Our secure cloud solution combines the scalability and efficiency of the public cloud with enhanced security typically associated with the private cloud. You’ll get a cloud that works for your business vs making your business work for the cloud.

Avoid overspending on compute and storage due to the one-size-fits-all mentality of hyperscale cloud providers and get defined products built to match your business needs.

You’ll also gain enhanced visibility through our transparent platforms, an unparalleled connectivity suite and expertise in compliance for highly regulated industries. The result? You get frictionless cloud migration and management, without the worry.

Lightedge cloud

Benefits of LightEdge Cloud Services

  • Trusted team of cloud and infrastructure engineers extend your IT team’s capabilities and keep your cloud environment secure, performing and available.
  • Enhanced visibility, security, and efficiency features — including microsegmentation, virtual firewall, built-in DDoS protection, and load balancing capabilities.
  • Built-in cost savings measures, leading to consistent pricing (no data egress fees, per-IP costs, or surprise billing)
  • Full transparency enables customers to easily observe and monitor their managed cloud through our VCD Portal. The portal makes managing your multi-cloud simple and readily accessible from a single point of access.
  • All backed by the most scalable, redundant and secure network in the U.S. — a network LightEdge has spent more than 25 years perfecting

Lightedge cloud

Extend Your Team With Our Experienced Design Engineers

Don’t get bogged down in the complexities of cloud migration. Boost your internal team with our migration and management experts. We can do the heavy lifting on cloud implementation and free up your team to focus on top strategic objectives and other priorities.

You can rest easy knowing your systems are always on, reliable, and compliant.

Why LightEdge?

As specialists in solutions architecture, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations design and operate a cloud solution perfectly suited to their business needs. What sets our cloud solution apart?

Some of the added advantages you’ll get with LightEdge include:

Full-Service Networking without Surprise Billing

Clear bandwidth pricing, managed and dedicated NGFW firewalls, and load balancers provide the security, flexibility, redundancy, and resiliency you need without the headaches.

Comprehensive Security Controls

Elevate your data security and meet stringent industry regulations with our exceptional compliance-as-a-service program tailored to your industry regulations.

A Team That’s in the Trenches With You

Real people, all the time. We know it can be hard to get the full attention of the enormous hyperscalers. Not the case with us. You’ll get a fast response and a real person when you contact our 24/7/365 support.

Cloud Storage that’s a Cut Above

Get cost-effective, flexible and highly secure cloud storage that satisfies every workload and achieves maximum performance. Rely on our experienced team to customize, implement, and manage your compliant cloud environments and easily make adjustments as your business evolves.

Self-service Kubernetes Cluster Deployment

Scale your application containers effortlessly with our user-friendly Kubernetes Cluster Management interface. You’ll gain development flexibility, rapid cluster deployment and integrated observability tools, along with seamless virtual machines and containers coexistence, automated resource balancing, and a single point of access.

Lightedge cloud

The LightEdge Promise

  • We will always put you first.
  • We will make sure you always get value from our technology.
  • We will always be here when you need to pivot.
  • We’re your partner. You’re not buying a product, you’re hiring a team.

Guide to Transformation

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Reduce the complexity of modernization. Optimize your resources and costs. Trust that your digital infrastructure is secure and compliant.