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bare metal cloud

Secure, Compliant, & Cost Effective Bare Metal

Tailor and expand your infrastructure to meet the unique needs of your business.

Cloud services

Custom environments that meet your specifications

Whether you need exclusive control due to dedicated physical resources, incompatibility with virtualization for legacy applications, or compliance with regulatory or licensing obligations – we’ve got you covered.

Experience the power of Bare Metal Cloud, where dedicated servers empower you with complete control over the stack, without the need for huge hardware investments.

Obtain peak performance and unmatched customization with our dedicated server-based Bare Metal Cloud solution. 

LightEdge Bare Metal is ideal for clients that:

  • Have high performance and/or workload objectives
  • Need fast deployment and ongoing scalability
  • Want to avoid CapEx for next equipment lifecycle
  • Need to move skilled IT staff off hardware
  • Require HIPAA or PCI-DSS level security
  • Want reference architecture with no obsolescence

cloud services

Add speed, resiliency & cost advantages to your deployment

LightEdge Bare Metal provides physically discrete, high-performing, dedicated bare metal servers, storage and network uniquely configured for each customer. Dedicated servers mean added security and compliance, along with exclusive control. You also have the option to create a hybrid environment as your needs evolve.

You can choose from top-of-the-line servers, operating systems, RAM, network and storage options.

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Optimize your workload type: Memory, Heavy I/O, Maximum Compute.


Hybrid Enabled

Deploy bare metal and easily add or integrate other clouds.


Physically separate hardware for HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance.



Data centers ISO 20000 & 27001 validated, follow ITIL best practices.


Superior informatics, dashboards & alerts with ongoing monitoring.

Some key benefits of LightEdge’s Bare Metal Cloud Services include:

Lifecycle Management

Ensure seamless handling of your IT infrastructure; optimize performance & facilitate growth.

Hardware Maintenance

Delivers reliable and efficient support to keep your systems running at peak performance.

Capital Preservation

Maximize resources by shifting infrastructure costs to a monthly, predictable operating expense.

Pre-built IT architecture

Designed to provide streamlined, modern and tailored solutions to meet your IT business needs.
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Certified Staff

Unlock peak performance with proactive resource utilization monitoring and aid in capacity planning.
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Proven/Tested Installations

Benefit from reliable and successful implementation and testing of technology solutions.

Repair and Availability Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Guarantee prompt resolution and uninterrupted performance of your technology systems.

Guide to Transformation

Start your cloud assessment

If you’d like to learn more about how our IT experts can help your organization get the most from your Bare Metal Cloud, please contact us.