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Cloud Strategy

Accelerate Growth & Increase Agility

For 25 years, we’ve been creating customized technology strategies that empower businesses of all sizes. Let us enhance your agility and competitiveness with our top-notch, cloud adoption solutions.

Cloud Strategy


LightEdge is the secure cloud for your enterprise infrastructure. We are the cloud for the servers that run your business and drive your client’s experience – the day-to-day operating model that needs to be up 24/7.  Our experienced team unravels the complexity of your enterprise IT so you can achieve peak performance.

Not all clouds are created equal. What makes the LightEdge cloud different than the rest?




Cloud Strategy

Get Secure, Compliant and Cost-Effective Cloud and Hosting Services

Get a cloud that works for your business strategy with our full-service multi-cloud solutions. Our experts understand the complexities of the cloud and will ensure you get the increased reliability, scalability and security of the cloud without the headaches of trying to force everything to work within hyperscale platforms. 

Experience complete visibility and transparency of your workloads through our LightEdge Cloud Portal and be able to handle any workload without retooling, refactoring, or upskilling teams with our physical and virtual data hosting cloud solutions across a range of platforms from VMware to IBM to containers. 

Get peace of mind with our enhanced security features including microsegmentation, virtual firewall, built-in DDoS protection and our robust portfolio of replication technology that provides push button workload failover to a geographically redundant data center. With LightEdge, you can feel confident knowing that your systems are always on, high-performing, and secure.

Data Hosting Cloud Solutions

Physical and virtual data hosting across a range of platforms

Advanced Industry Software

Industry standard software defined networking and integrated disaster recovery.

See for yourself

Our LightEdge Cloud Portal offers comprehensive management, complete visibility, and in-depth performance metrics for your cloud infrastructure. Gain control, transparency, and insights to optimize your cloud resources efficiently. 

We offer both physical and virtual data hosting cloud solutions across a range of platforms including VMware and IBM. From dedicated private infrastructure to flexible cloud delivery models, our compliant and secure cloud solutions deliver superior service to meet your business needs.

Our secure, compliant, and cost-effective cloud offers advanced industry recognized software defined networking and Disaster Recovery by leveraging VMware’s NSX and VCDA technologies.

The NSX technology leverages network micro-segmentation for greater security and network flexibility along with VCDA to provide push button workload failover to a geographically redundant datacenter in the event of a disaster.


We're not your vendor, we're your partner

We’ve helped thousands of clients in the planning and execution of launching or upgrading their cloud resources. We have the strategic and technical expertise to provide cloud migration services to help you achieve your business goals and reach your desired future state.

As your workloads, storage, and compliance needs change over time, so should your cloud strategy. Partner with us on your cloud infrastructure management. We’ll ensure you have a secure, successful journey.

Stable Pricing

Simplified Costs

Always-On Support

Cloud Strategy


  • Consistent Pricing for Consistent Workloads
  • No Data Egress Fees & No Nickel-and-Diming
  • Real People to Support You 24/7
  • Flexibility without Complexity
  • Compliant & Secure Services
  • Flexible Managed Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service Options

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Cloud computing can be tricky, so we offer a well-designed setup and various choices to ensure your success. LightEdge is a trusted advisor on your cloud journey. From colocation, to hybrid, public cloud, and everywhere in between.

LightEdge Cloud

High on flexibility, low on complexity. Get highly secure, transparent cloud for hybrid & multi-cloud deployments.


IBM i Cloud

Specialized resources to ensure your IBM i environment’s stability and evolution.

Bare Metal Cloud

Get the maximum level of control without incurring the costs associated with owning the hardware. 


Cloud Storage

Choose from multiple robust cost-effective options designed to fit various data needs, and budgets.

Guide to Transformation

Start your cloud assessment

Reduce the complexity of modernization. Optimize your resources and costs. Trust that your digital infrastructure is secure and compliant.