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Revolutionary Network for Unmatched Connectivity

Benefit from superior performance, smooth data transfer, and a worldwide network infrastructure that’s second to none. 

network connectivity

The LightEdge Internet

Get unmatched reliability and integrated advanced redundancies that set us apart from conventional carriers with the LightEdge Blended Internet. You’ll get amplified reach through our strategic alliances with worldwide providers and be empowered with a network infrastructure that’s both nationally anchored and globally connected.

Connectivity You Can Count On

Superior Performance
Network connectivity that guarantees high-speed data transfer, low latency, and 100% uptime, allowing applications and services to perform at their best.

Seamless connection to cloud platforms and data centers worldwide, enabling you to expand your reach and access resources efficiently.

Get advanced redundancies and data encryption to ensure uninterrupted operations, as well as protection against cyber threats like Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.
Enhance security with ongoing device monitoring, management, and configuration supported by 24/7/365 experts.

Proactive safeguards that resist attacks, secure legitimate traffic flow, reduce downtime and minimize your business risk.

Network Connectivity

Cloud Connectivity

Obtain smooth data transitions, high-speed connection and worldwide reach with our cloud platform that dovetails with major global cloud entities. Clients benefit from several advanced features.

Cloud Ports / Cloud On-Ramps / Cloud Connect
Create private connections to cloud applications, including major hyperscalers Azure ExpressRoute and AWS Direct Connect with no physical equipment required.
Optimize network performance and availability of applications and other computing resources through balanced distribution of network traffic.

Network Connectivity

Data Center Connectivity

Take advantage of seamless connectivity through our high-performing data centers strategically located in cities across the country. Get enhanced colocation interconnection and security with these benefits.

Cross Connect & Switch Ports
Utilize cross connects to link with us, fellow clients, and meet-me rooms. Employ switch ports to effortlessly access our services from your colocation area, connecting to cloud, bare metal, internet, and more.
Simplify carrier connections with extended cables between data centers and carrier hotels, consolidate billing, expand carrier access for redundancy, and establish Level 2 connections between LightEdge data centers and Equinix for seamless communication.
Achieve direct communication by bypassing routers and networks, while ensuring optimal signal integrity and reliability through dedicated physical cables and split fiber utilization.
Private, isolated interconnectivity between all LightEdge data centers via virtual routing and forwarding (VRF), enabling traffic segmentation, seamless disaster recovery and regionally redundant uptime.
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High-powered, low latency, and 100% uptime connectivity are must haves for your business.

We’re proud to say LightEdge provides all these things and a whole lot more. In fact, we are in a league of our own regarding network connectivity.

What Makes LightEdge’s Network Different?

Our network history spans over 25 years, starting in 1996 when LightEdge was founded as an ISP and we’ve been perfecting it ever since.

Today, you’ll enjoy incomparable scale, redundancy, security, speed, and uptime for your business and the clients you serve due to the many innovative aspects of our network. We operate our own mpls geo-diverse, interconnected backbone from multiple carriers for no single-point of failure. Our carrier-grade blended bandwidth service is backed by a 100% uptime SLA and is enhanced through our robust network structure and internet exchange peering.

This means seamless, reliable, and resilient connectivity for your business.

Simplified Connectivity All in One Place
Eliminate multiple carriers, streamline operations, optimize performance, and realize cost-efficiencies by bundling connectivity services with LightEdge. Through our unparalleled network and services, we can provide your internet, cloud services, and data center colocation all in one provider. Meet all your connectivity needs in one place, from a single provider through LightEdge’s high-performing network and services.

Recieve diversity of carriers and cross-connect options for flexibility, resiliency and superior performance through our carrier-neutral network. LightEdge’s blended Internet is composed of six of the top ten peering providers as ranked by ASRank. This provides a private backbone with multiple layers to provide more flexibility for your disaster recovery processes. We also integrate with SDN providers to reduce latency and complication for multi-cloud strategies.

Save time and money with our extensive in-market and cross-market fiber paths with access to hundreds of diverse carriers. We’ve also taken our network security one step further with our global compliance standards, end to end encryption, and DDoS Protection for your mission-critical workloads.

Guide to Transformation

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