LightEdge team members are back from their annual trip to VMworld, held this year in San Francisco.  The conference consists of keynotes, breakout sessions, hands-on labs, and a solutions exchange where vendors showed off their latest innovations.
Here are some thoughts on the high notes of the week:

  • For the past several years, VMware has been talking about “cloud” and how it is going to transform IT.  This year, it was no different but where others are still spewing the same hype about cloud, VMware is actually delivering.  2012 is bringing a new version of vSphere 5.1 as well as the next evolution of vCloud 5.1.  With the new vCloud suite, we’ll be able to bring more of the features that customers are used to having in the vSphere client available through vCloud.
  • In 2011, VMware made a push for end-user computing that included a virtual Android phone, Horizon Application manager and Project Octopus (for lack of a better term, dropbox for corporate users).   This year, they’re delivering again.  Horizon Application manager is more mature, and Project Octopus is now Horizon Data.  New View technologies make managing the desktop even easier.  VMware even brought some of the protected corporate apps to the iOS devices similar to the virtual phone for Android last year.
  • vRAM licensing model is no more!  The licensing model that had few fans is officially gone.  VMware listened to their partners and customers and is moving back to a per socket licensing model.

We hope those few highlights give you an idea of some key discussions and topics that came from VMworld last week. LightEdge brought back a host of new information and is excited to share that with their customers!