5 Ways to Mitigate and Respond to a Data Breach

By marketing | October 7th, 2021 | Business Continuity, Security

What is a Data Breach? It is important to differentiate data breaches from other cybersecurity attacks. According to The Identity Theft Resource Center, a data breach is “an incident in which an individual’s name, social security number, driver’s license number, medical record, or financial record is potentially put at risk because of exposure.” In short, […]

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4 Tips for Planning an Effective Cybersecurity Plan

By marketing | August 27th, 2021 | Business Continuity

Cyberattacks and breaches have become unavoidable threats for many organizations. Without preparation and the proper cybersecurity plan, cyberattacks leave companies in a state of chaos making it difficult for them to get on their feet again. While there are many rigorous preventative compliance regulations, no federal compliance regulations focus on specifically recovering from a data […]

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Ransomware Assessment Resources

By marketing | August 20th, 2021 | Business Continuity, Cloud Security, Cloud Services, Compliance, LightEdge

Ransomware Assessment Resources Ransomware isn’t a stranger in the cybersecurity world and because it is so lucrative, it isn’t showing any signs of leaving. It is a threat that anyone in an organization is susceptible to, making it critical to be prepared to reduce any risk of a successful ransomware attempt. Because ransomware is only […]

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Strategy Behind Disaster Recovery as a Service

By marketing | August 12th, 2021 | Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery

A fairly recent addition to the endless alphabet soup of acronyms in the Information Technology Solutions world is “DRaaS.” Although it may be one of the many ever-so-enjoyable “. . . as a Service” variants, this one is well worth exploring. Disaster Recovery is a very important component of any Business Continuity Plan to protect […]

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The 7 P’s of a Strong Business Continuity Plan

By marketing | July 1st, 2021 | Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, IT Security, Security, Uncategorized

No, “plan” isn’t one of them. That’s too easy. You need a business continuity plan in place to ensure that you can operate during an unplanned event, no matter what it might be. Business continuity planning is the process of creating prevention and recovery tactics to deal with disasters or emergencies. An effective business continuity plan will […]

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Backup as a Service: The Benefits You Can’t Ignore

By marketing | June 18th, 2021 | Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, IT Security, Security, Uncategorized

It’s no secret that backups are an important component of any effective business continuity or recovery plan. Saving a copy of your IT drastically cuts down the time it takes to get back to business as usual and that investment can save thousands of dollars in the long term as well. One of the problems […]

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4 Critical Data Breach Mitigation Lifelines to Keep You out of Jeopardy

By marketing | May 27th, 2021 | Business Continuity

Many organizations are waking up to the realization that they may need to bulk up their data breach mitigation policies and processes. Though this sounds straightforward, it can often be difficult to know where to start, especially when threat actors are mounting increasingly complex attacks each day. While putting together a data breach mitigation plan […]

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Road to Resolution: An Ideal Incident Response Model

By marketing | May 20th, 2021 | Business Continuity

With various types of cyberattacks and physical service disruptions becoming more common, it’s no longer a matter of if but when a major incident will affect your organization. It’s a nightmare to think about, but incident response is something to plan for in order to keep your business up and running, and your customers satisfied. […]

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Find Your Fortress: How Colocation Facilities Bolster Disaster Recovery Planning

By marketing | April 8th, 2021 | Business Continuity

With mounting attacks on the rise, it can be easy to feel like your team is in no man’s land, vulnerable at every turn. You already know that disaster recovery planning should be a top priority for your business, but sometimes it can feel like you’re trying to build a fortress from scratch to protect […]

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5 Ways A Redundant Network Benefits Your Business

By marketing | November 5th, 2020 | Business Continuity, Network, Security

If you’ve been shopping around for a new network or data center provider, you’ve probably heard the word “redundant” quite a bit. While this can feel like an overwhelming process, a redundant network is one of the best investments you can make for your organization and one that should be seriously vetted. A redundant network […]

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