Colocation and Managed Services

By marketing | May 6th, 2022 | Cloud, Cloud Services, Colocation, Network, Security

We’re all breathing a sigh of relief as we navigate our businesses out of COVID restrictions and back toward normalcy, but it’s important that we remember the lessons learned during two years of mask mandates and sanitation protocols. Onsite nurses, temperature screening, contact tracing and maintaining visitor logs can place an extra burden on already-taxed […]

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Migrating To The Edge: 3 Reasons Why You Should Make The Move

By marketing | December 16th, 2021 | Cloud, Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, Cloud Services, Colocation, IT Security, LightEdge

Edge computing, especially with the rise of IoT, has been a tech star in recent years, but many organizations are left wondering what the Edge means for their organization and if it is a move they should make. The transition to the Edge can be scary, but in the end, your company will gain numerous […]

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Public Cloud Disaster Recovery and Risk Mitigation

By marketing | December 10th, 2021 | Cloud

The recent AWS outage caused a domino effect of issues and may have you second guessing if the Public Cloud environment is the best option for your organization. While outages are not uncommon, the disruption that the AWS outage caused was detrimental… given that it controls 90% of the public cloud market. If you are […]

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How Colocation Can Save Your Business Money

By marketing | December 2nd, 2021 | Cloud, Cloud Security, Cloud Services, Colocation, Costs, Data Center, Data Center, Data Protection, LightEdge, Network

As the world consumes more data, more businesses are investing in colocation services. Colocation is frequently viewed as a significant investment and, in some cases, a cost drain. This idea, on the other hand, could not be further from the truth. Collocating your IT to a data center can provide your company with a variety […]

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Best Practices for Migrating to the Cloud

By jmccoy | October 21st, 2021 | Business Continuity, Cloud

For many organizations, data protection is a top priority. Several business and IT leaders are looking to replace their traditional IT services and on-premise technology with power in the cloud. From reducing IT costs to redundancy and flexibility, there are many compelling reasons to make the jump to cloud. However, making the transition can be […]

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Reasons Why Data Centers Will Continue to Power the Future

By jmccoy | October 14th, 2021 | Cloud, Cloud Services, Colocation, Compliance, Data Center, Data Center, IT Security, LightEdge

COVID isn’t entirely gone just yet, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With record numbers of internet users, you may be asking how and why the data center industry is evolving so quickly. Take a look below for just a few of the reasons why data centers will remain at the […]

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How to Optimally Leverage a Hybrid Cloud Environment

By marketing | July 23rd, 2021 | Cloud, Cloud Computing, Cloud Risk, Cloud Security, Cloud Services, Hybrid Cloud

Organizations have now been leveraging hybrid cloud strategies for a few years, and many leadership teams tout the cost-effectiveness, flexibility, scalability and security they experienced after adoption. Adoption of the hybrid model varies widely across industries, but according to a recent study by TECHnalysis, of the 600 medium and large U.S.-based organizations, only 29% are […]

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The True Cost of Public Cloud

By marketing | July 8th, 2021 | Cloud

It can be all too easy to fall for the shiny promises of public cloud. The promises of lower costs, flexibility and scalability lure organizations in. Unfortunately, they may not realize it’s not the best move for their business until the contract has already been signed.   All sorts of chaos can ensue after you realize the initial price you were quoted was not all-inclusive […]

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Why Your Organization Should Be Looking at Object Storage

By marketing | June 10th, 2021 | Cloud

AWS launched Amazon S3 Object Storage in 2006, to meet what it perceived at the time to be a monumental gap with the existing storage solutions. Object Storage, unlike traditional hieratic solutions, offered a simple software defined access layer that could easily be integrated into existing applications, accessible from anywhere on the internet and the […]

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Understanding ISO 20000 and How it Tracks to Your Business Goals

By marketing | January 20th, 2021 | Cloud, Compliance, Security

Once again in the alphabet soup of compliance certifications, we’d like to point out an oft-overlooked opportunity to stand out among the competition when it comes to the highest levels of compliance and security you can offer your customers. ISO 20000 is a great opportunity to prove to your customers that you hold your service […]

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