The History of IBM i

IBM i remains one of the world’s most widely used, core business systems. Designed for data processing and workload-optimized applications, IBM i’s proven reliability and security has made it central to many organizations’ operations for the past 30 years.

Despite its widespread use, the legacy aspects of this compute environment make it a challenge to maintain in-house. As demand and necessity for next-generation operating systems, applications, and integration require a balance between old and new, LightEdge has introduced a suite of IBM i and AIX solutions to fill this void.

LightEdge Power Cloud Features

  • Bring Your Own Licensing with Passport Advantage
  • Take an elastic approach for a true cloud experience
  • Guarantee the latest & greatest version (4th generation & Power 9)
  • Fit any budget or RPO/RTO through a variety of replication technologies
  • Gain side-by-side compatibility with your X86 workload
  • Increase security & decrease risk for critical data and application
  • Access LightEdge Hybrid Solution Centers, highly trained engineers, and 24×7 support


LightEdge implemented Power Cloud for IBM i as an enterprise disaster recovery solution for Kemin Industries. See the Case Study.

Why LightEdge Power Cloud?

LightEdge Power Cloud provides specialized solutions to ensure the stability and evolution of your IBM i and AIX environments. Customers can enjoy all the benefits of their secure and reliable IBM i platform with the flexibility and redundancy of cloud built in.

As companies look to digitally transform their businesses, they can extend and defend their IBM i and AIX investment through:

  • Application Modernization
  • Platform Upgrades & Improvements
  • Stranded Operating System Remediation
  • Disaster Recovery Confidence
  • Specialized Expertise
  • Cost Containment
  • Flexibility to Scale

As an approved IBM Cloud Provider, LightEdge Power Cloud has attained an IBM Validated Solution mark verifying the quality of our multi-tenant architecture and compliant data center facilities. LightEdge is one of few providers that offers integrated cloud services for Microsoft, IBM i, AIX, and Linux workloads.

We also operate a specialty division for IBM i platform managed hosting services and dedicated disaster recovery solutions call the Power Team. We provide customized, yet flexible, SLAs and contracts that enable clients to work in the manner they choose and deliver total end-to-end IBM platform support or selective outsourcing, as required.

LightEdge Power Cloud Offerings:

Hosted LPARs – Virtual Servers for IBM i and AIX on demand. LightEdge will scale unique LPARs for your applications and host them in our compliant data centers, connected to your business over high-speed LAN/WAN or internet.

Data Protection – Incremental backups and continuous replication that remove the need for tape. LightEdge leverages enterprise-class VTL solutions designed for network-efficient backups, offsite replication, reduced backup windows and RTO/RPO improvements at scale.

IBM i Recovery Cloud – A tested plan for running on backup. LightEdge will reserve a pre-configured LPAR and the data center resources required to recover all your critical IT systems. Enjoy premium restoration resources at a multi-tenancy price point. We include one full system restore test per year, along with the DR resources to accomplish it. This flexible platform and infinitely scalable resource pool guarantee rapid RPO/RTO.

IBM i Premium Recovery Cloud – Customers who require high availability through real-time replication using primetime delivery through fully connected and available hosted LPARs. Leverage a second live system for full redundancy, and the distribution of certain I/O intensive applications for increased performance on your primary system. LightEdge delivers proven High Availability and failover DR to protect against platform or component failure, or to allow for scheduled downtime. This near-zero downtime solution includes quarterly failover testing.

Hosting and Cloud Resources

See Whitepapers and Case Studies to help keep your business protected and compliant.