Achieve ultimate flexibility and scalability with VMware Virtual Private Cloud

LightEdge Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) powered by VMware takes advantage of the cost-effective multi-tenant model for infrastructure and virtualization, while maintaining business-critical performance and top security. Our VPC is redundant by default, and can be provisioned by you or LightEdge’s experienced engineers.

Combine compute, network, and storage options for today and tomorrow’s workloads—the VMware Virtual Private Cloud is designed to maintain ultimate flexibility and scalability through elastic consumption of resources. Gain peace of mind with VPC quality of service that’s backed by a service level agreement (SLA) that guarantees high levels of performance.

Why Choose LightEdge as Your Virtual Private Cloud Provider?

  • LightEdge brings SLA-backed performance – We guarantee 100% resource availability. With LightEdge Virtual Private Cloud, you never run the risk of competing for performance, as our services are carefully designed and managed to avoid ‘bad neighbor’ attributes of traditional public clouds.
  • N+1/HA (high availability) by default – N+1 redundancy ensures availability in the event of component failure. Other multi-tenant clouds are single instance or require significantly higher investments to achieve N+1.
  • Our Virtual Private Cloud is managed to the highest levels of security – We use best practices in encryption, change management, and configuration management to ensure your sensitive data remains protected.
  • Close proximity to legacy or traditional IT platforms that may need to be colocated or remain in close proximity to end users
    • Results in improved bandwidth, latency, and control.
  • Our VPC is hybrid-ready – Hybrid clouds and multi-cloud strategies are an increasingly practical and cost effective way to optimize based on workload requirements.
  • Access to the LightEdge Hybrid Solution Center and all its benefits – What separates LightEdge from other providers is our ability to design, orchestrate, and manage customers’ hybrid environments from beginning to end. This gives you confidence that we can meet your needs today and easily make changes as your business evolves in the future.

Hosting and Cloud Resources

See Whitepapers and Case Studies to help keep your business protected and compliant.

VMware Virtual Private Cloud is ideal for you if:

  1. You need compute/storage resources QUICKLY or for a short amount of time
  2. You don’t have staff to maintain your own Dedicated Private Cloud (DPC)
  3. You require resources close to traditional IT but don’t have enough need to justify a large investment
  4. You need a cloud option that can be used for business continuity and disaster recovery

Cost-Effective, Compliant Hosting

With LightEdge’s Virtual Private Cloud, you get the top security and high performance you need at a cost you can afford, customized to your liking. Contact us today for your free quote.