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It’s more difficult than ever to meet the complex demands of compliance and security – especially with evolving threats, vague regulatory guidance, and limited resources. Luckily, you can trust in LightEdge’s highly-trained Compliance and Security experts to take the guesswork out of protecting your business. Our Security & Compliance Consulting Services meet a range of needs, including risk management, information security, audit preparedness, and audit support. LightEdge’s security professional services simplify the process of improving your security posture, by helping you:

  • Make sense of security and compliance frameworks that apply to your business or industry
  • Identify business risks, taking into account the role of your hosting service provider
  • Determine which security controls are required to mitigate your identified risks
  • Improve collaboration and communication during security event mitigation and incident response between your business and LightEdge
  • Establish the necessary framework to maintain and continually improve your information security program over time based on evolving scope and emerging risks
  • Document and track efforts for evidence collection and audit preparation

Audited, Compliant Services

LightEdge works collaboratively with our clients to ensure all services align with their security requirements and are suitable for use under strict regulatory guidelines, such as:

PCI DSS services  SOC 1, 2, and 3 compliance   HIPAA compliance  ISO 27001 certified by Schellman    ISO 20000-1 Certified by Schellman     

Together with our clients, LightEdge’s compliance and security consultants develop:

  • Risk Assessments – LightEdge’s security and compliance experts perform a comprehensive risk assessment that considers your business services, compliance requirements, and security objectives. Using the scope of your services and sensitive data, we identify security risks to your operations. We’ll then outline which mitigation strategies are necessary to protect each data set and its associated business function. These discoveries will result in a risk management framework that’s customized to your business. Get a security consultation today.
  • Security & Compliance Controls Mapping – Compliance specifications can be vague—like HIPAA-HITECH’s addressable versus required controls. LightEdge’s experts explain your framework requirements so you know exactly what’s applicable to your business and how your valuable assets should be protected. The discoveries from your risk assessment will provide key points of information to let us know which security strategies should be included for particular data sets and their corresponding business functions.
  • Security & Compliance Policy Templates – Leverage our pre-built security and compliance templates and customize them to fit your unique needs. By developing the right policies, processes, and systems, you ensure that everyone with access to your sensitive data is working towards the same goal: data integrity, confidentiality, and availability as part of effective compliance. Documentation is key, as it provides reference and evidence to your stakeholders. Our templates include:
    • Information Classification Policy
    • Risk Management Policy
    • Information Systems Security Policy
    • Access Management Policy
    • Incident Management Policy
  • Audit Preparation and Auditability Support – It’s not enough to be compliant; you must also develop evidence to prove that you adhere to the controls and processes mandated by your compliance framework. LightEdge’s Security & Compliance consultants help you define what evidence is required, aid in gathering documentation and reports, and provide in-person support during external audits. Leverage our comprehensive compliance consulting.

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Let us take the guesswork out of staying compliant. Our Compliance & Security Consultants can help you understand your compliance requirements, develop security policies, prepare for audits, and remain compliant. Contact us to schedule your complimentary consulting session.

Compliance and Security Resources

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