Leading IT Solutions for Leading Healthcare Providers

LightEdge partners with some of the top healthcare organizations nationwide to:

  • Protect patient information
  • Enable legacy IT
  • Ensure low latency
  • Deliver 100% uptime
  • Provide HITRUST Inheritance

Here to Solve Your IT Challenges

LightEdge understands that uptime, performance, and privacy are critical to keeping your business running and competitive.

Our highly-interconnected data centers with multiple paths in and out of each of our markets are unmatched. We take it one step further with blended managed internet that’s geo-redundant across those markets as well. Our goal is to make sure your busines is always up, always fast for end users, and always secure.

We Should Talk if You:

  • Demand 100% uptime
  • Require low latency
  • Would like to outsource IT risk
  • Need HITRUST & HIPAA compliance
  • Seek peace of mind for patient privacy

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University of Kansas Hospital Case Study

The University of Kansas Hospital was in need of a new Data Center facility. Improving where and how the new systems would operate was vital for the organization in order to avoid ongoing costly outages. The hospital’s current Data Center facility was located on their campus, which did not allow for geographic redundancy from its second, offsite Data Center located just five miles away. In addition to not being geographically redundant, the second facility was out of space.

The building that the Data Center was located in was not a purpose-built facility, which led to several outages that impacted the hospital in various ways. In order for The University of Kansas Hospital to maintain its enterprise-class status, it was time for them to start treating their Information Technology system the same way. Rather than just fixing problems that came up, they were ready to invest in an elite Data Center facility that would support their top-notch practices going forward.

The hospital chose LightEdge to be their private suite & technology partner for a number of reasons:

  • The LightEdge SubTropolis Technology Center facility “tornado-proof”, geographically redundant from the hospital’s other facility, and supports their enterprise-class organization.
  • LightEdge was able to deliver a Private Data Center Suite in a multi-tenant facility to allow for operational flexibility, security and controls the hospital desired at a cost that would be unachievable had they built their own Data Center.
  • As a healthcare provider committed to the most stringent patient information protection, LightEdge’s ability to demonstrate HIPAA compliance, SSAE certification, ISO 27001 dened process management, along with other vital certifications, was mandatory.

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