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Edge Cloud

Extend Your Cloud On-Premise

Edge Cloud is a fully managed infrastructure as a service solution for customers that need their data close. Built as an answer to security, data sovereignty, compliance, and performance requirements, our Edge Cloud brings the LightEdge Cloud experience delivered to the customer site.   

Intended outcomes

Improve Performance

Your data processes closer to the source, reducing latency and enabling greater performance for all your applications.

Remain Secure and Compliant

Maintain greater physical control over your data with on-premise deployment to gain access to the cloud while still maintaining compliance with security or data sovereignty regulations. Additionally, it comes pre-configured with backup and disaster recovery capabilities for even greater data protection.

Lower Operational Burden

Fully managed solution that eliminates the complexity of maintaining infrastructure. LightEdge handles deployment, cloud environment monitoring, and both hardware and software maintenance so that you can focus on your core business.

Key Features

Greater Data Control

With Edge on-premise deployment, have more control of your data and remain compliant with security data sovereignty regulations. 

Lower Latency

Minimize delays and process data quicker by keeping your data closer to you, ensuring faster response times and improved performance.

Built for Anywhere

Built to be military-spec using Dell hardware. With the option to use the VxRail VD-4000r 2node chassis with built-in fans and the small profile.

Highly scalable

Built for your needs and additional nodes can be easily added as your business grows and requires more compute resources.

Easy Deployment

LightEdge will coordinate the deployment planning with you, ship, and configure our Edge Cloud on your premise, being an extension of staff

Fully Managed

LightEdge manages both hardware and software maintenance to ensure your Cloud is always available and performing optimally. 

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Built-in and Pre-configured for backup and disaster recovery, with options for additional integrated services whenever needed. 

Hyperscale Compatibility

VMware cloud on AWS Google Cloud VMware Engine, and Azure VMware Solution enable customers to scale their workloads across multiple regions.

why choose Edge cloud?

Lite Configuration

  • Cost-Effective. Ideal for small-medium size business in need of a lightweight on-premise cloud presence.
  • Features: Simplified setup, military-spec VXrail 4000 chassis, low maintenance.

Pro Configuration

  • Comprehensive Functionality. Built for enterprises in need of a fully managed, full featured cloud on presence.
  • Features: Full Vcloud Foundation functionality, including NSX and Aria Suite products, cloud director, VCD availability, VEEAM bare metal server backups, and scalability starting at 128 cores.

Commitment and Flexibility

  • Standard 3-Year Rental: Flexible commitment options

Guide to Transformation


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