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7 Quick Facts About DDoS Attacks

Ever wonder why DDoS protection & mitigation is important? As a result of such attacks, LightEdge has emerged as a leader in the field. LightEdge provides top notch network saf...

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Colocation: How to be Sure Your System is Protected

Colocation is becoming more popular as business owners learn how data centers work and what they can provide. Many businesses start out operating and managing their own computer hardware and systems but may outgrow their own operation and decide not to make the investment to upgrade. They discover colocation can be a better choice.

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Are You Asking the Right Security Questions?

The frequency and magnitude of security breaches continue to rise. Target, LinkedIn, Home Depot, Twitter, Wendy’s, Sony, and the list is growing. Even more worrisome, many breaches go unreported or worse yet, undiscovered. C-level executives are increasingly concerned with protecting their companies from security breaches.

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Data Protection: Are You Confident You Can Restore?

For backup admins, the best methods for backing up and restoring data is an ever-changing field. If you’re still using TAPE, it might be time to revisit your best practices to see if your restoration capabilities are up-to-snuff. Veeam Backup & Recovery along with LightEdge Solutions Cloud Data Protection can equip you with the means to confidently answer these questions and more.

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