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Cisco InterCloud Fabric

In addition to Cisco UCSD and Cisco VACS I believe that the Cisco InterCloud Fabric platform will help propel LightEdge (and the industry at large) into the future.
Cisco InterCloud Fabric
InterCloud Fabric is a technology that Cisco is developing that promises ubiquitous “Cloud workload mobility”. For example, an ability to move (or burst) workload from a VMware vSphere environment into a Microsoft HyperV environment. Or Amazon. Or ANY Cisco Intercloud powered partner. On the surface this seems like a silly thing to get excited about as a Service Provider. “So you’re excited that customers can move their workloads somewhere ELSE?” But when you consider that many customers are still struggling to scale Private Cloud platforms within their four walls the power of Intercloud becomes apparent. InterCloud coupled with UCSD allows us to help that customer migrate their workload into our data centers while giving the customer ultimate control via UCSD!
Learn more about our involvement with Intercloud here.
In summary I’m very excited about the leadership that Cisco continues to show in these areas. 2015 promises to be a great year for Cloud technologies, both for Service Providers such as LightEdge and for Customers looking to embrace Cloud!


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