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Core2Cloud Becomes Iowa’s Newest Technology Consulting Group

Headquartered in Des Moines, IA, Core2Cloud Branches Out and Expands Team

DES MOINES, IA – August 21st For several years, many of the team members making up Core2Cloud were a part of the LightEdge Solutions family. Acting as trusted advisors for hundreds of customers over their tenure at LightEdge, the consulting team accelerated the deployment and management of technology infrastructure for corporations across the US.

To better serve the marketplace and open new opportunities for partnering with complementary IT experts, LightEdge and the consulting group have decided to establish themselves as separate entities. Core2Cloud has officially launched in the Greater Des Moines metro, and is actively working with companies across the state of Iowa seeking expertise in networking, storage, backup and recovery, application delivery, cloud migration and implementation, and IT service management.

“LightEdge is excited to see the consulting group expand and plant their roots deep within the state of Iowa. It’s an excellent opportunity for Core2Cloud to focus in on their areas of proficiency and support companies seeking assistance with complex technology visions. I am confident there is no other organization as experienced as Core2Cloud in next generation IT environments in the surrounding markets. It is also a great chance for both organizations to open their doors to new partnership opportunities within the state, and across the US as a whole,” said Jim Masterson, Chief Executive Officer at LightEdge.

Core2Cloud is comprised of some of the leading technology consultants in the area. Each member of the team has deep expertise working with industries ranging from banking to manufacturing to healthcare, and beyond. They also bring an extensive client portfolio of successful cloud migrations and implementations for some of the region’s top corporations.

“I am thrilled about the launch of Core2Cloud. Our goal is to assist businesses with their most challenging technology needs. My team is here to act as an extension of our customers’ IT teams to take some of the heavy lifting off their plates, empower them to scale for growth, and provide peace of mind in their technology roadmap for today and in the future,” said Chad Gustafson, VP of Professional Services at Core2Cloud.

About Core2Cloud

Headquartered in Des Moines, IA, Core2Cloud is a leading technology consulting firm focused on developing custom technology solutions for customers with challenging IT requirements. They accelerate the deployment and management of technology infrastructures to meet companies’ unique needs, and handle all aspects from assessment and implementation to backup and continuity solutions.
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