For backup admins, the best methods for backing up and restoring data is an ever-changing field. If you’re still using TAPE, it might be time to revisit your best practices to see if your restoration capabilities are up-to-snuff.

  • Are you still using tape for offsite backups?
  • Do you have offsite backups?
  • Can you restore a SQL Database to a RPO of 15 minutes ago?
  • How well is that helping you meet the Business Continuity needs of your organization?
  • What is your RTO?
  • Are you confident that you can restore 100% of your core systems to a usable state? 50%? 25%?

These are all questions you should have the accurate answers to at a moments notice. If not, you could be putting your company at risk – extreme risk.

Veeam Backup & Recovery along with LightEdge Solutions Cloud Data Protection can equip you with the means to confidently answer these questions and more. Providing enhanced capabilities, like:

Virtual Lab: Do more than just store your backups – use them for testing or validation.

SureBackup: Peace of mind that your backups are truly in a restorable state.

15-Minute RPO: Leverage instant VM Recovery – quickly restart a failed VM from a regular backup.

Enhanced Usable Backups: With Explorers for Exchange, MS SQL, Sharepoint, and Active Directory.

If you are already using Veeam Backup & Recovery v8, a user account and a url is all you need to start getting your Backup Jobs copied offsite to our Data Center over a 256-AES secured connection. Another great feature is the WAN Accelerator: any customer with Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise Plus Edition will be able to use the acceleration and speed up their backup copy operations depending on your bandwidth to the internet.

Here is what Veeam’s award-winning technology delivers:

  • Recovery of failed VM in as little as 2 minutes
  • Near-continuous data protection with built-in replication
  • Fast, agentless item recovery and e-discovery for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Active Directory, along with transaction-level recovery of SQL databases
  • Lower RPOs and 20x faster backups with backup from HP and NetApp storage snapshots
  • Automatic recoverability testing of every backup and every replica, every time
  • Offsite backups 50x faster than standard file copy with built-in WAN acceleration
  • Fast and secure cloud backups with Veeam Cloud Connect
  • Deduplication and compression to minimize storage consumption
  • Offsite recovery with 1-click site failover and support for facilitated data center migrations with zero data loss