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Extra Help from the Help Desk

Welcome to our Operations blog! We’ll be providing monthly updates on specific projects within the operations team, along with tips, tricks and insight into how to keep everything running smoothly and what to do what an issue occurs to insure your business is back up and running in no time.
This month we’ll be talking with LightEdge’s help desk wiz, Adam Mumm. A veteran employee, Mumm currently holds the role of Customer Operations Manager. With a calming, newsman-like voice Mumm discusses the best and most effective ways to get questions and issues resolved.
Who can submit a request or trouble ticket?
Within all customer agreements there’s a designated administrator. This person, or people, serve as the primary contact for LightEdge and can make hardline changes and updates to the technical components of the agreement between LightEdge and your business.
“Knowing who that person is within your organization is critically important,” Mumm says. Understanding who this person is will help to streamline concerns. There are also technical contacts that can reach out to the support staff to create trouble tickets, but these people cannot make changes to the service.  For security reasons, if the person calling to submit a problem is not a designated contact by the company, LightEdge has limited access to assist. 
How efficiently will my call or ticket be handled?
LightEdge Help desk contact with customers is typically 60 percent portal submitted tickets and 40 percent calls. LightEdge experts are equipped to aid customers in both formats depending on their needs. Just like our calls, submitting a ticket is met with an equally fast response time.
call stats
Our median ticket resolution goal is to resolve an issue in under four hours. Currently, LightEdge’s median resolution time has been 1 and a half hours or under. These time frames do not include the time that Help Desk waits to hear from the customer. The quicker that a customer replies, the faster their issue can be resolved.
Why call to raise an issue?
When a technical administrator calls LightEdge for support, they will be met with superior speed. Each call is important, that’s why 99 percent of calls to LightEdge support are answered in under 60 seconds, and 95 percent of them are answered within 30 seconds. Our speed ensures your security.
When customers want to raise an issue, LightEdge will be there to take their call. Although, for security reasons and tracking issues we do consider it best practice to submit a ticket. If the issue is urgent, call our support team immediately. 
How to submit a portal ticket:  
To submit a ticket, customers can start by logging into the My LightEdge portal. Each customer has access to the customer portal, which can be found in several locations on our website. Describe the issue in detail when submitting a ticket. Note that anytime a ticket is submitted, screenshots, logs and error messages of the issue will help to expedite any problem.
Be sure to keep an eye out for a new change management and ticketing system that LightEdge will be launching soon. These updates are to ensure customers and LightEdge experts can easily resolve any issue in record time.
Thanks for reading our monthly operations blog! We hope you can better understand and navigate Help Desk and LightEdge support. Check back next month to learn more tips and tricks to keep your operation moving smoothly. LightEdge looks forward to providing you legendary customer service.


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