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Hybrid Cloud Deployments | LightEdge’s Hybrid Solutions Center

Today’s ultimate challenge is to design and implement a network that provides the flexibility and scale to meet tomorrow’s unpredictable requirements. It must also shield businesses from the complexity of networking and any single points of failure. To prove successful, the network should always pass three vital user questions:

  • Is the network up?
  • Is the network fast?
  • Is the network secure?

Hybrid Cloud Deployments

The next wave of computing will be distributed through multi-cloud deployments, serving mobile and geographically diverse workgroups. The traditional model of bringing users to the data center is rapidly transitioning to offering application services in the places where businesses and users operate.
IT will be required to support organizational borders that extend beyond traditional corporate boundaries. This will only create additional emphasis on the importance of solid network infrastructure.
As businesses move further into multi-cloud deployments, the challenges of networking become clear. Business demands continue to change, and vendors are offering more services delivered through the cloud than ever before. This means IT organizations must get strategic…and fast.
They need to be planning how to interconnect distributed services, applications, and data in ways that meet IT’s needs today and in the future. On top of that, user performance must be delivered securely and on demand anytime, anywhere.
Enterprise IT organizations have found a way to address the initial phase of multi-cloud deployments. They established direct connections with cloud partners through network providers in one-on-one relationships over private network connections. This model works to an extent, but some challenges still guarantee that the complexity of many point-to-point connections will be unsustainable, both operationally and financially.
While forecasting networking needs of the business is nearly impossible, we know the future will hold more cloud interconnectivity requirements. LightEdge doesn’t dictate connectivity. We provide multiple options for customers across internet and private connectivity paths.
If you missed last week’s Hybrid Solution Center blog post about the people behind our platform, you can read it here. Check back next week to learn how LightEdge is anticipating and addressing these network requirements for organizations in several innovative ways.


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