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ISO 20000 – Introduction

ISO 20000 – What is it?
This year, LightEdge Solutions is embarking on a project to achieve ISO 20000 certification.  ISO 20000 is the first international standard for IT service management.  The standard prescribes a comprehensive plan to develop, adopt, and operate a Service Management System.  ISO 20000 aligns with the ITIL standards and is an effective way for an IT services company to demonstrate that they follow the Plan, Do, Check, Act methodology.
What does it meant to you as a client?
The primary reasons LightEdge is interested in becoming ISO 20000 certified is to demonstrate to our clients that we are committed to service excellence and that we are doing what we say we are doing.  ISO 20000 certification will provide evidence that the processes we have in place are being followed and continually improved.
What are the steps to certification?
We have already taken the first step.  Late last year, we had an independent auditor perform a gap analysis.  What we found through the analysis is that we are already acting as an ISO 20000 certified company in many ways.  The processes and documentation required to become certified are largely in place today.  The areas that were identified as gaps mostly pertain to documenting processes that are followed in practice, but lack the formal documentation. Our goal is to have an internal audit toward the end of 2013, with an official audit either at the end of the year or beginning of 2014.
Further information about the various sections and the efforts to achieve certification will be discussed in upcoming blog posts. Coming up, “Section 4: Service Management System General Requirements”.


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