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ISO 20000 Section 4: Service Management System General Requirements

In our previous blog post, we discussed the value of ISO 20000 certification and why LightEdge has set out to obtain accreditation. In this post, we would like to delve into the first major section of compliance and how LightEdge is working to complete the actions required to satisfy the requirements.
You might ask, “Why are you starting with Section 4?” If you are unfamiliar with the ISO 20000 standards, this question is quite common. The first three sections of the standard include Scope, Normative References, and Definitions, which set the stage for the sections containing actual requirements. Basically, there are no requirements in the first three sections of the standards. The real content exists in sections 4-9. So let’s get started with an explanation of Section 4.
What is it?
Section 4 of the standard defines the Service Management System. This section is all about the structure needed to carry out an established service delivery system.
What is required?
First and foremost, roles and responsibilities are defined in Section 4. ISO 20000 indicates that senior management commitment from the very beginning is critical to the success of the implementation. LightEdge took this edict seriously. During the project kickoff, many of the senior team members were present. The senior management team also elected to have a senior team member defined as the Management Representative, a role defined within the standard as the champion of the ISO 20000 program.
Section 4 also outlines the processes and procedures that are not exclusively carried out by the service provider, that rely on third parties to complete the delivery of services. Mapping the services and the dependencies of those services upon third party providers fulfills the majority of this requirement.
Lastly, Section 4 details document management and resource management requirements. These areas are easily defined and already in place at LightEdge.
Section 4 is the glue that binds the other section together. This section is largely completed and we are now deep into the other sections of the standards.
What does it mean to you as a client?
ISO 20000 certification demonstrates that at LightEdge, we are serious about service management and the quality of service we provide. We have committed to a culture of continual improvement, leading to best in class service. Our processes are effective, well integrated, and audited for compliance against international standards which are well known and adopted throughout the industry. What this means, is that we operate our business in a way that meets or exceeds our client’s business requirements. ISO20000 certification is just one way we are demonstrating our commitment as your strategic IT business partner.
Coming up, “Section 5: Design and Transition of New or Changed Services”.


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