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ISO 20000 Section 6: Service Delivery Processes and Section 7: Relationship Processes

What is it?
In Section 6, ISO 20000 delves into the processes required to ensure the quality delivery of services. We will be examining Service Level Management, Service Reporting, Service Continuity, Capacity Management, and Security Management.
What is required?
First up, Service Level Management. This requirement basically defines SLAs and their lifecycle. This seems to be common sense, but there is a lot that goes into proper SLAs and the accompanying Service Catalog. Without well-defined SLAs, questions are left unanswered. Roles and responsibilities are not defined. Expectations are not set.
Next, we move on to Service Reporting. Again, this comes back to the SLAs. LightEdge’s Service Reporting informs us that we are doing what we set out to do with our services, and that we are meeting the expectations defined in the SLAs.
Moving on, we come to Service Continuity. This is defined for each service, as it is designed. It is important that when a service becomes compromised either in performance or availability, that there is a contingency plan. Our services vary in the level of redundancy and continuity plans available based on the type of service and how they are delivered.
Capacity Management is another important part of Section 6. This is the process of monitoring the capacity available jointly with the delivery of additional services. The most important outcome is that we are able to determine well in advance the need to increase capacity to continue meeting the demands of the market.
Lastly, Section 6 dictates that the service provider should have an adequate Information Security Policy and proper controls in place.
Section 7 requires that the Service Provider have a defined process in place to manage their third party suppliers that are critical to the delivery of the services. This entails defining all of the pertinent suppliers, how they contribute to the services, and how they could impact the services.
What does it mean to you as a client?
LightEdge is currently operating very well within all of the standards ISO sets forth in Sections 6 & 7. By meeting these standards, LightEdge is able to provide clients with assurance that all service requirements, reporting and continuity expectations will be met.
Coming up, “Section 8: Resolution Processes”.


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