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LightEdge Solutions Completes Audit Review for ISO 20000 Certification

We are pleased to announce that LightEdge has successfully completed its audit review for the ISO 20000 certification. Completing the audit review is a required step toward certification each year. LightEdge anticipates having the stage one and stage two audits completed by the end of the summer in 2014, making it an ISO 20000 certified organization.

The ISO 20000 certification is the first international standard for IT service management and obtaining the certification is a significant competitive differentiator in the IT services industry. The standard prescribes a comprehensive plan to develop, adopt, and operate a Service Management System by achieving evidence-based benchmarks to continuously improve the delivery of IT services. ISO 20000 aligns with the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards and is an effective way for LightEdge to demonstrate that they follow the plan, do, check, act methodology.

“Obtaining the ISO 20000 certification demonstrates that at LightEdge, we are serious about service management and the quality of service we provide to our clients,” said Jake Gibson, vice president of customer operations for LightEdge Solutions. “When our customers entrust us with their critical infrastructure, we feel a duty to make sure that we are managing IT processes and procedures to meet or exceed our client’s business requirements. The ISO 20000 certification will provide evidence that we are committed to a culture of continual improvement, leading to best in class service.”


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