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Is your mobile work device secure?

surveyAccording to a recent national survey, nearly 90% of people use work devices without trusted security software. Despite recent data thefts, people are still not protecting their information and in turn are exposing their employer’s data on corporate-issued devices. The survey, commissioned by Citrix, found that while people expect to access their information from anywhere on any device, they don’t understand the associated risk. The survey results show that businesses cannot rely on their employees to take the appropriate security precautions and need to build security into the IT solutions for their business. moblity
The key takeaway from this survey is that the public is aware of increasing security threats, but doesn’t fully understand the risks and what to do if compromised. IT departments that embrace technologies such as virtualization and enterprise mobility management to protect corporate data and maintain compliance are giving people the freedom of device choice without going outside of company security policies. This yields a win-win for businesses, employees and customers alike.” – Alicia Ray, Citrix Security Solutions
Check out the full article here and learn how the value of Citrix solutions, like LightEdge’s Workplace Cloud offering, help solve the security challenges that businesses are facing today and help mitigate risk.


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