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Addressing Workforce Dynamics, IT Modernization, and Technical Debt in the IBM i Environment

In the ever-evolving landscape of the IBM i market, clients are confronting a variety of challenges that echo the transformations within the IBM i installed base. The scarcity of skills, the mounting pressures of application modernization, and the need to strike a balance between preserving existing tech investments and embracing new technologies are shaping the dynamics of the industry. As the traditional roles of business partners shift, managed service and cloud suppliers are poised to take center stage in supporting enterprises through their critical endeavors.

Embracing Digital Transformation: Redefining Operating Models

As enterprises embark on significant digital transformation projects, the challenge of managing staffing becomes increasingly apparent. With specialized skills in short supply and the demands for application modernization and integration soaring, a reevaluation of how compute and storage are acquired and consumed is imperative. The focus is on creating operating models that leverage emerging technologies, offering a competitive edge in a landscape where customer expectations have evolved.

Today’s most agile companies are breaking free from the constraints of past business applications, integrating traditional business services with open-source solutions running on IBM i. This shift is all about providing technical flexibility to empower clients in solving problems and extending value. Amongst this transformation, IBM i on Power Systems has continually evolved to meet the escalating demands of the business and technology realms.

LightEdge: Guiding the Way in a Shifting Terrain

Enter LightEdge, a national leader in highly secure cloud and colocation managed services, with a rich history rooted in network connectivity. The journey began with purpose-built data centers in Iowa, expanding into Kansas City, Omaha, Austin, Raleigh, San Diego, and Phoenix. LightEdge recognized the market opportunity for hosting IBM midrange equipment seven years ago, setting the stage for a strategic approach to managed services and hosting.

One of LightEdge’s core principles is to deliver consistent hosting services across all data centers, regardless of geography. This commitment extends to the IBM Power cloud, launched alongside a traditional private cloud for VMware-based workloads. The company’s geographic expansion targets tier two and tier three markets, offering highly secure physical data centers and compliant cloud hosting platforms.

Tackling Technical Debt with IBM i Hosting Expertise

Many clients find themselves stuck on older IBM i versions, such as 7.1 LightEdge understands the complexities of technical debt and offers a unique solution by hosting outdated operating system versions. This allows clients to bridge the gap and address third-party support needs for extended maintenance.

With a focus on uptime, mission-critical compliance, and security, LightEdge doesn’t merely provide hosting services. The company acts as a strategic partner, offering a staging space for clients to transition and modernize their IBM i environments. The end goal is to facilitate the adoption of newer operating system versions while ensuring compatibility and mitigating application challenges.

IBM POWER8 EOS: Navigating Risks and Opportunities

As IBM announces the end of support for POWER8, clients face both risks and opportunities in their IT infrastructure. The end of support could expose systems to security risks and compatibility issues, making compliance challenging. However, this announcement also serves as an opportunity to evaluate needs, invest in cost-effective systems, and refine operations for long-term savings.

Despite these challenges, the transition from POWER8 presents a chance to enhance infrastructure, considering various upgrade paths or system transitions. LightEdge, as a certified IBM partner, is readily available to guide clients through these strategic decisions, leveraging its expertise in IBM i, AIX, mainframe environments, and disaster recovery solutions.

LightEdge’s Tailored Solutions: Powering IBM i and AIX Environments

With a dedicated team of IBM experts boasting 140 years of combined experience, LightEdge offers a suite of IBM i on Power solutions. These solutions provide the same security and reliability clients depend on with their AS/400 and AIX environments in a flexible, redundant, and cost-effective cloud model.

For clients seeking access to the latest IBM Power technology for their mission-critical workloads running in the cloud, LightEdge has tailored IBM solutions to meet specific requirements. These solutions provide secure, scalable, and available cloud services, allowing businesses to expand computing resources, storage, and networking as required.

LightEdge is your strategic partner for clients navigating the complex challenges of staffing, modernization, and technical debt within the IBM i landscape. With a commitment to flexibility, security, and consistent service delivery, LightEdge empowers clients to embrace digital transformation while preserving the value of their technology investments. For those venturing into uncharted territory or grappling with the IBM POWER8 EOS, LightEdge provides the expertise needed to navigate the risks and unlock the opportunities that lie ahead.

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