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LightEdge Case study

Allscripts Case Study

  • Industry: Healthcare IT
  • Solutions: LightEdge Cloud, Bare Metal, LightEdge Cloud Recovery

Allscripts is a leader in healthcare information technology solutions that advance clinical, financial, and operational results. It provides electronic health record systems for both financial and clinical platforms. Allscripts aims to connect physician practices, hospitals, and healthcare systems; thereby empowering caregivers to make better decisions and with the goal of delivering better care.

Throughout Allscripts’ 12-year engagement with NFINIT, now a LightEdge company, the team required a technology partner that operated as an extension of their team. Allscripts is dedicated to keeping its customers safe and protected from any data breaches or disruptions on a large scale that may destroy existing systems. 

Allscripts and LightEdge collaborated effectively to swiftly resolve the issue, achieving the desired security and protection for their clients. Their joint efforts included troubleshooting, leveraging LightEdge services, and deploying a cloud environment with over 200 virtual machines. 

“LightEdge has always been able to build us exactly what we’re looking for and to provide custom solutions whenever needed. Two key words I associate with LightEdge are adaptability and solutions. Overall, it’s been a great relationship.” 

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