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Colocation and Managed Services

We’re all breathing a sigh of relief as we navigate our businesses out of COVID restrictions and back toward normalcy, but it’s important that we remember the lessons learned during two years of mask mandates and sanitation protocols.

Onsite nurses, temperature screening, contact tracing and maintaining visitor logs can place an extra burden on already-taxed corporate resources in difficult times.

The good news is, LightEdge can handle all of that for you!

Ready for the Next One

Just because we’re coming out of the worst of the COVID pandemic now, doesn’t mean other public health and safety crises won’t happen in the future.

By making the move to LightEdge’s Colocation or managed services before the next emergency, you can ensure that you’re ready to maintain network operations from anywhere by simply reaching out to our technicians for hands-on tasks or assistance.

We have experience maintaining operational excellence even under the most tying of conditions, and we’re ready to put that experience to work for you.

Always On-Site

Our network operation centers are manned all day, every day, no matter the conditions. Because we provide constant onsite monitoring and expert support, our technicians are essential personnel and will always be onsite, even when your offices are required to close or operate with minimal staffing.

Providing secure access and maintaining safety procedures is just part of what we do, and our technicians are regularly updated and trained on all admittance policies to maintain compliance.

We can perform temperature checks and oversee other health measures, saving you the cost and manpower required of providing your own onsite support for screening and documentation.

Security is our top priority, and public health and safety are key components of operational security.

Limited Contact

We maintain a small contact pool of technicians who practice masking and social distancing when necessary, and we implement work-from-home policies for any non-essential onsite personnel. Limited exposure means limited risk to your employees or third-party technicians.

There’s no way to know when the next global emergency will happen, but there is a way you can be prepared to keep your network up and running, no matter what happens or when. Moving to Edge computing and Cloud Networking can simplify operational requirements and reduce costs when you need to be focusing on meeting your business’ objectives during a chaotic time.


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