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lightedge whitepaper

How Colocation Facilities Can Cure Your IT Headache

Businesses are finally understanding the headache of building, staffing, and managing complex in-house data center facilities. Major enterprises have had enough and are setting their sights on better prospects. For those in heavily regulated industries like healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and well, pretty much every other industry, moving some or all of their IT operations to a multi-tenant data center is an attractive option.

They can focus on their customers and services, while still remaining in complete control of
their data. Rather than housing IT operations in their own facilities, a growing number of organizations are turning to multi-tenant data centers or colocation facilities. These data centers have the technical staff to manage and maintain the world-class infrastructure that houses so many companies’ critical data.

A recent survey, in which IDG Research queried more than 130 IT executives and managers, found that more than one-quarter (27 percent) of companies are already using a colocation facility to host some of their IT operations. An even greater percentage plans to use this type of facility in the coming year.

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