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LightEdge Case study

Jostens Case Study

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Solutions: LightEdge IBM i Cloud

Above and beyond the breadth of customized and personalized products, Jostens also has a longstanding commitment to improving the overall culture and climate of the schools they serve. For over 25 years, Renaissance Education has helped school administrators, faculty, and students build positive climate and culture through programs like Commitment to Graduate, The Harbor video series, and Jostens National Renaissance Conference – the nation’s largest convening of school and student leaders to share best practices and celebrate the impact of positive school climate and culture.

In the wake of shifting ownership, Jostens found itself confronted with a critical challenge: the need to extract its data from their current data center facility. Jostens was determined to find a partner that could uphold its legacy of success. The company sought a solution that not only met its requirements but also carried the trust of its peers. 

Seeking to offload the management of their IBM i Series System, Jostens found LightEdge’s IBM i engineers to seamlessly adapt. Jostens is currently running in LightEdge Power Cloud at LightEdge’s ISO 27001, ISO 20000-1, SOC 1 Type, SOC 2 Type, SOC 3, HIPAA/HITRUST, and PCI-compliant data center facility. 

“We have a great relationship with LightEdge, and they have a broad service offering that provided us with the flexibility we needed.” 

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