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LightEdge Case study

Renzulli Learning Case Study

  • Industry: SaaS / Educational Learning
  • Solutions: LightEdge IT Services

Renzulli Learning is a SaaS provider delivering a personalized learning environment for students worldwide. Renzulli supports strength based learning in all subjects spanning Pre-K through 12th grade. The system streamlines both the teaching and learning experience, and enables educators to easily differentiate instruction and leverage student motivation for enhanced academic performance.

The onset of COVID-19 posed unprecedented challenges for Renzulli Learning. The abrupt shift to remote education led to a surge of users, including a significant demand from the Houston Independent School District (ISD). With a pressing need to accommodate rapid growth and ensure secure, scalable infrastructure, Renzulli sought a reliable partner. 

In LightEdge, Renzulli Learning found a responsive and collaborative ally. Faced with the complexity and immediacy of the challenge, they worked closely with LightEdge to swiftly devise an IT solution capable of handling the influx of users and meeting the Houston ISD’s demands. This partnership played a pivotal role in meeting Renzulli’s urgent requirements. 

“We are all advocates of LightEdge and as we always say, ‘we’d all give you a 10 on the Net Promoter Score’.” 

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