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LightEdge Case study

Security Services Case Study

  • Industry: Security Services
  • Solutions: LightEdge Cloud

Since their founding in 2003, the company has served as a beacon in their local communities by providing a suite of world-class and industry-leading security services for residential, commercial, retail, and industrial customers. Merging technological innovation, professionalism, and their passionate attention to detail into a one of a kind suite of services. The company promises to provide peace of mind through customized security services to allow your business, neighborhood, and community to pursue your passions in life openly, freely, and joyfully. 

A security services business franchiser, found itself at a crossroads in 2019. With phenomenal growth (seeing 40% year over year) and a ranking among the top 10 best franchise opportunities, the company was easily surpassing its goals for success. Meanwhile, amid all this growth, its in-house data center and legacy IT technologies were running out of steam.

The company outsourced their IT infrastructure to LightEdge, impressed by its robust security, underground data center, compliance certifications, and maintenance support. LightEdge’s Cloud Services offered scalability and predictable monthly IT spend, enabling them to efficiently manage production workloads and back-office functions, while ensuring data protection. 

“LightEdge is reliable, responsive and proactive. It doesn’t feel like a vendor relationship with LightEdge. It feels like we’re partners. 

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