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LightEdge Case study

Viviota Case Study

  • Industry: Software Development
  • Solutions: Colocation

Founded in 2016, Viviota Inc. is a venture-backed software company, located in Austin, Texas. Their powerful software seamlessly manages engineering data assets, automates and accelerates analytics-reducing costs and improving time-to-market for new products in the Automotive, Aerospace, Advanced Medical Device, Energy and Semiconductor sectors. 

Viviota faced a significant business challenge during the post-COVID period when their plan to promote development servers and services to customers was disrupted due to the pandemic. This unexpected setback brought their IT outreach initiative centered around customer-shared servers to a halt. 

LightEdge offered colocation services, providing infrastructure and stability for Viviota’s servers. They also demonstrated a “can do” approach by swiftly resolving compatibility issues with Viviota’s hardware, ensuring a seamless connection. LightEdge’s robust security measures, compliance certifications, excellent client communication, and responsive customer server further strengthened their partnership. 

“The beauty is I have colocation with LightEdge. They’ve provided me with infrastructure and stability. All my servers are up. I can maintain them. If I ever need any help, the LightEdge staff would be able to provide that.” 

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