Proactive Security Solutions for Preventing Cyberattacks

Cybercrime is a global issue and companies of all sizes are subject to persistent threats, malware, ransomware, and insider actions that risk their vital financial information, intellectual property, and customer data.


If your organization isn’t as secure as it could be, what can you do to prevent cyberattacks? The reality is most companies do not have the budget, specialized IT security resources, or bandwidth to manage the robust security intelligence solution they need. 

The need for a global, real-time solution to protect against emerging cyber threats is apparent. That’s why LightEdge partnered with CarbonHelix to deliver a powerful security solution: the Virtual Security Operations Center (vSOC powered by IBM’s QRadar). 

Our solution takes a holistic and proactive approach to cyberattack prevention. It also comes with access to IT security intelligence experts that help ensure your security profile is strong and ready for effective threat protection. Download our whitepaper to get an in-depth overview of this solution and learn if vSOC is right for your business.