LightEdge has developed a state-of-the-art, underground data center facility in the Subtropolis Technology Center (STC) located just outside of the metro area in Kansas City, MO. The first phase opened in April of 2014. With maximum flexibility for expansion, SubTropolis has virtually unlimited space available.

Our Kansas City Data Center was just named the World’s Most Secure Data Center, watch the video now.

Address Information

9050 NE Underground Drive
Pillar 312
Kansas City, Missouri 64161
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KC Data Center Fast Facts


Home to one of the world’s most advanced telecommunications networks, Kansas City is a major focal point for both long-haul and transcontinental fiber. The threat of natural disasters is also extremely minimal, so our data center facilities offer exceptionally reliable safety.


The underground, solid limestone structure of our Kansas City data center is 6X stronger than concrete, and allows for contiguous expansion in the form of private rack/cage space and hard wall suite environments.


The area our KC facilities are located in, which hosts the Kansas City Power & Light’s electrical grid, is known for its constant, uninterrupted power service. The data center facility itself has a power density of 225 Watts per square foot.


Redundant Liebert cooling systems ensure that servers are kept at their optimal operating temperature, throughout the entire data center.


Our Kansas City facility will be accessed, monitored and controlled 24/7/365 by video monitoring, DVR retention, key card security and biometric access points. It is also SSAE 16 and ISO audited, and meets requirements for PCI-DSS v3.0 and HIPAA / HITECH compliance.


Redundancy is built into all LightEdge data centers, from power and cooling, to geographically-diverse central offices, to multiple data network carrier access. Our facilities are designed to weather nearly any conceivable incident with very minimal downtime.

Data Center Facilities and Amenities

LightEdge Kansas City data center Kansas City data center space LightEdge Kansas City data center servers story LightEdge Kansas City data center entrance
LightEdge Kansas City data center
Kansas City data center space
LightEdge Kansas City data center servers
LightEdge Kansas City data center entrance

Our Kansas City data center facilities offer storage spaces to fit your needs, and can grow along with your business requirements. To see more details, see our Kansas City Colocation Services.

Private Suites

A physically separate, dedicated space with cooling, power, network and access options for a high level of customized service.


Located within a shared space, you gain all the advantages of the existing LightEdge network and data center infrastructure, plus the convenience and security of a dedicated, secure cage
to house critical information.


To meet smaller space requirements, you can opt for a rack-based solution in a more cost-effective, shared data center environment with the opportunity to add racks to scale as needed.

Kansas city Data Center Campus Specifications

Security & Compliance

  • SSAE 18 SOC 1, 2, and 3 Type II Audited (physical, environmental and logical security, as well as, computer operations and customer provisioning)
  • Physical security complies with PCI-DSS v3.0 and HIPAA / HITECH
  • Facility monitored 24x7x365
  • Key card and biometric access with video monitoring and DVR retention

Power HVAC

  • Low kW costs (especially compared to other areas of the U.S.) for on-grid power
    • KCP&L electrical grid located on property
  • Concurrent maintainability including:
    • 2 separate power feeds
    • Liebert CRAH & UPS with system-level redundancy and N+1 components
  • 3-foot raised floor in data center rooms
  • Chilled water system for cooling DC environment
  • Parallel 600 kW generators that will grow with facility to 2.4 MW of capacity on each side
  • Power density up to 8.6 kW per rack
Facility & Infrastructure

  • LightEdge data center phase 1 = 22,000 sq ft (support and raised floor) with option for additional 60,000 sq ft of contiguous expansion
  • LightEdge data center and supporting infrastructure built to Tier III standards
  • Dual inter-lock dry pipe design for fire suppression
  • Ability to deliver private rack or cage and customized private suite environments
  • Located underground in SubTropolis Technology Center(STC)
    • Mission critical data center campus
    • Phase 1 of STC = 400,000 sq ft
    • Scalable facility – contiguous expansion (8 million sq ft available)
    • Large clearance space – standard 16-foot ceiling and evenly spaced 25-foot square pillars 40 ft. apart
    • 6 acre equipment yard (located on the surface)
  • Solid limestone structure that is 6X as strong as concrete
    • Naturally hardened for protection from natural disasters
    • EMP safe (electromagnetic pulse)
  • Energy Star 100 (perfect rating) with constant temperature and humidity
    • Sustainable operating environment
  • Remote technical hands available
    • Technicians can diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair equipment 24x7x365

Network Services

  • Carrier neutral facility with the ability to deliver high bandwidth, high reliability and low latency service
  • Multiple dedicated carriers within the data center. Current carriers include Unite, AT&T and Time Warner with the ability to connect to virtually any carrier via 1102 Grand.
  • Local private network connectivity up to 10Gb and connectivity to the LightEdge Cloud for access to other data centers
    • “Nearly unlimited bandwidth…”
  • Ability to connect to the LightEdge Cloud, LightEdge data centers, and multiple providers and 1102 Grand (carrier hotel) at speeds from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Network providers can provide multiple paths into the city and out
  • No single point of failure

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