Our ESG Commitments

We provide enterprise-grade, sustainable data centers and private cloud services dedicated to making a positive impact on a daily basis.

Data Center Sustainability

Our state-of-the-art data centers are the foundation with which we built LightEdge. Through continuous innovation and resilience for evaluating our operation, we’re reducing our carbon footprint and keeping our principles green.

As our strategy strongly involves keeping our practices eco-friendly, we are constantly designing, building, and operating data centers in effort to minimize our impact to the environment. We are proud of this initiative and will continue to look for new ways to decrease waste, maximize efficiency and create a sustainable business model.

  • Underground Data Centers: The geothermal cooling used by our underground data centers is one of the most efficient and sustainable cooling methods, saving thousands of gallons in water every year.
  • Efficient Cooling: LightEdge also leverages other advanced cooling methods such as full cold aisle containment. We proudly leverage Liebert CRAH cooling systems, which ensure that servers are kept at their optimal operating temperature. Our building management systems maintain temperature and humidity regulation and control.
  • Carbon Emissions Management: We partner with Schneider Electric to calculate and manage the LightEdge carbon footprint. LightEdge will use this foundation to support a broader sustainability journey.
  • Renewable Energy: To meet our client needs for Net Zero and Carbon Neutrality commitments, LightEdge has developed a program that incorporates renewable energy as requested.
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Diversity & Inclusion

At LightEdge, we believe diversity drives innovation. We know through experience that different ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds create a stronger and more creative work environment that delivers better results. We hire the best, foster an environment of inclusivity and growth, and celebrate our wins as a team.

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