HITRUST vs HIPAA: What You Need to Know

By Claire Kirk | September 3rd, 2019 | Cloud Computing, Colocation, Compliance, Data Center, Healthcare IT, Security

Security rules surrounding the healthcare industry and its technology can seem overwhelmingly complicated and strict, but the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) is becoming a viable and simplified option for both vendors and covered entities. Even with HITRUST, healthcare providers still have some questions. What exactly is HITRUST, how does it differ from HIPAA, and how […]

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What are Managed Security Services?

By marketing | August 15th, 2019 | Compliance, Data Protection, Healthcare IT, IT Security, Security

What are managed security services? Well, the short answer would be that they are enterprise-grade data center security solutions for mission-critical applications hosting sensitive data. If that is all you needed, then I’m happy to have helped. If you are not here for the short answer, let’s dig in! More organizations are turning to managed […]

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Healthcare IoT Adoption in the HIPAA Compliance Landscape

By Claire Kirk | June 11th, 2019 | Cloud Computing, Compliance, Healthcare IT, Security

By 2022, the healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) will likely reach a valuation close to half of a trillion dollars. While many advancements push the connected healthcare market forward, ePHI (electronic protected health information) security remains a distinct challenge. Discover the Growing Healthcare IoT Market Also known as IoMT (Internet of Medical Things), the healthcare IoT market […]

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4 Colocation Myths the Healthcare Industry Should Leave Behind

By Claire Kirk | May 23rd, 2019 | Colocation, Compliance, Data Center, Healthcare IT, Security

Whether you are running a hospital, a healthcare research facility, or any other type of medical facility where you provide care to patients, safety and security is a top concern. Protecting electronic protected health information (ePHI) requires a high level of performance, compliance, and security. Do not let the colocation myths sway you, data center […]

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Key Takeaways: Security and Privacy Concerns for Healthcare Data

By Claire Kirk | May 21st, 2019 | Cloud Computing, Colocation, Compliance, Healthcare IT, Security

“In the last six years of conducting the [Ponemon] study, it’s clear that efforts to safeguard patient data are not improving,” says Dr. Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder, Ponemon Institute. The Sixth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy and Security of Healthcare Data published by the Ponemon Institute in 2016, confirmed what many who work with electronic […]

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Steps to Strengthen Compliance and Security for Mid- to Enterprise-Level Businesses

By Robert Bennett | April 25th, 2019 | Compliance, Data Protection, Healthcare IT, IT Security, Security

Attaining and maintaining compliance for organizations has never been an easy task. There is a delicate balance in “how-to” achieve and uphold constantly evolving compliance standards with “how-much” the organization should be investing financially and through dedicated expert resources on an annual basis. In order to strike the perfect balance, you must evaluate all of the […]

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What All Healthcare Companies Need to Know About HIPAA Compliance

By marketing | April 23rd, 2019 | Compliance, Healthcare IT, Security

Safeguarding protected health information is becoming more challenging every day, especially for companies operating in healthcare verticals who do not always understand that compliance issues apply to them. Yet, under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Security Rule, companies operating in a variety of healthcare verticals are categorized collectively as “Business Associates” […]

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6 Best Practices for Data Security in the Cloud Infographic

By marketing | April 19th, 2019 | Cloud Computing, Compliance, Data Protection, Healthcare IT, IT Security, Security
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Why the Cloud is Safer than CIOs Believe: 6 Best Practices for Data Security

By marketing | April 18th, 2019 | Cloud Computing, Compliance, Healthcare IT, IT Security, Security

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and executive leadership know how important cloud computing technology is, but still hesitate to transition. When a company is faced with any changes, reluctancy is natural. Having the whole IT leadership team on board can oftentimes seem like a difficult task to accomplish. Thankfully, cloud is almost always safer than CIOs […]

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Control the Risks of IoT and BYOD in Healthcare: Part II

By marketing | April 4th, 2019 | Compliance, Data Center, Healthcare IT, IT Security, Security

This is the second in a two-part series on issues related to the IoT, BYOD and cybercriminal attacks on ePHI. We suggest starting with part I if you have not read it. The internet of things (IoT) includes personal mobile devices and wearables that employees and contractors use daily, inside and outside of the workplace. […]

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