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Hybrid Cloud Consultants | People Behind the Hybrid Solutions Center

We continue this week with our fourth installation of the Hybrid Solution Center series, exploring the people behind it all. Recently, LightEdge employed a third-party firm to perform a blind survey of its customers. When asked to describe LightEdge, the number one response was: 

‘They are an extension of our IT department’.

That is a significant responsibility that LightEdge takes seriously.

The People Behind the Platform

LightEdge hires innovative, entrepreneurial people who want to leverage and grow their skills. We look for team members that are passionate about their professions and are excited to take on challenges. The overriding cultural theme at LightEdge is ‘leave your ego at the door.’ 
With world-class consulting, operations, and engineering teams on your side, LightEdge can perform workload profiling, create hybrid cloud roadmaps, and optimize your network setups to achieve the highest possible application performance. We have the know-how to help customers configure and properly implement custom hybrid deployments successfully.
With decades of combined experience, our skilled team will bring tested best practices to the table, and effectively modernize any technical setup. LightEdge experts have the skillsets to stay a step ahead of emerging technology to keep our customers evolving successfully.
We’ve almost made it through all the components of that make up LightEdge’s one-of-a-kind Hybrid Solution Centers. Check back next week to learn about network security and how it directly impacts user experience.
World-class consulting and engineering teams to empower your business


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