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ISO 20000 Section 5: Design and Transition of New or Changed Services

In the last post, we discussed the overall Service Management System and the requirements in Section 4 of the ISO 20000 standard. This time, we will be reviewing the general requirements for Section 5, Design and Transition of New or Changed Services.
What is it?
Section 5 correlates well to the ITIL Service Design methodology. This section is best described as the beginning of the service delivery system, as it pertains to the design and delivery of the services we deliver to our clients.
What is required?
First and foremost, this section prescribes the requirement gathering and processes that should be followed to guarantee the delivery of quality services. When designing services, a service provider should ensure that they are adding value to an organization and that the services satisfy business requirements.
Section 5 also outlines the information required to support the services once they are in production. This includes; roles and responsibilities, resource requirements, support plans, SLAs, product catalog changes, service continuity plans, security plans, along with several others.
Lastly, Section 5 dictates that the service provider should plan accordingly to transition the services into production. This directive entails the development of a well-documented release and deployment plan.
What does it mean to you as a client?
At this time, LightEdge is following many of these practices. We are currently taking this opportunity to review our current processes to determine if there is room for improvement.
Continual improvement is critical to the success of ISO 20000 and ensures that our clients are always enjoying the best possible experience. Gathering all of this information aids in the success of the deployment of services.
Coming up, “Section 6: Service Delivery Processes, and Section 7: Relationship Processes”.


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