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LightEdge Announces IBM vSOC Partnership

LightEdge Solutions is IBM’s First vSOC Partner in the Americas

LightEdge Solutions is launching the Virtual Security Operations Center (vSOC), powered by IBM, which brings IBM’s global security footprint to LightEdge’s local market customers. LightEdge Solutions is the first North American technology company to partner with IBM to deliver powerful security solutions that provide comprehensive and centralized IT security intelligence.

“The concern about security threats and data breaches has escalated among company leaders and has become a critical element to the survivability of every business,” says Jim Masterson, LightEdge Chief Executive Officer. “Even the most competent IT teams do not have the resources to effectively monitor the system around the clock. Our team at LightEdge understood that these global threats are in our backyard and we’re providing a solution that helps customers manage vulnerabilities and risks.”

LightEdge vSOC is a secure, web-based network security information and event log management tool (SIEM). It works as an overlay to the client’s existing IT environment and aggregates log data and network activity for any number of device types or brands. With the vSOC, LightEdge leverages a global footprint of IBM’s nine physical security operations centers, thousands of security analysts, and the correlation and processing power of IBM’s XPS, X-Force and QRadar.

“LightEdge is bringing best-in-class network security services to our clients and connecting them to IBM’s superior global intelligence, research and managed security services,” said Jake Gibson, LightEdge Chief Security Officer and Chief Compliance Officer. “Not only will clients benefit from IBM’s highly regarded security services, but LightEdge will remain a partner and provide local support and consulting services.”

The LightEdge vSOC offers a powerful security solution for small and midsize businesses that do not have the current IT resources to effectively provide to-the minute-threat intelligence and insight.

Deployed and supported locally, LightEdge vSOC offers:

  • 24/7/ log and event monitoring, threat analysis and security coverage
  • Secure, real-time communication with security analysts
  • Cognitive event correlation and analysis
  • Effective tools and reporting for regulatory compliance
  • Worldwide threat visibility, sifting through enormous amounts of data and presenting actionable information for pro-active changes to security policies
  • Integration with a vast IBM security ecosystem
  • Board-level awareness of security risks to the business
  • LightEdge’s trusted relationships with its clients and strength of its partnerships in the Midwest helped to position
  • LightEdge as an ideal choice for a partnership with IBM.

“IBM is a strong and reputable brand that is leading the way in early and global detection of security threats,” said Jeff Springborn, LightEdge Chief Operating Officer. “The vSOC is going to be a game-changer for our clients looking to proactively protect themselves and expand on their defense strategies.”


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