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LightEdge goes outdoors to support Easter Seals

LightEdge team members were very busy this past week sprucing up our adopted garden at Easter Seals’ Camp Sunnyside Child Development Center! The undertaking this summer was not quite as painful as last year when we worked through severe downpours, so we were able to cruise through it all in much less time…good news for those who were scheduled to be out there Wednesday afternoon in the 100+ degree heat!
This year, we cleaned up the weeds, installed new wood edging and a trellis bench. The team also painted the playground sign as a finishing touch. Easter Seals, and the parents of the children who attend the CDC, are very appreciative of the effort and comment frequently on how great the garden looks. The team at LightEdge is proud of our connection to a great organization and happy to have the garden looking great for the upcoming Easter Seals Regatta on July 19th!
For more information on Easter Seals, visit their website.


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