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MyLightEdge Portal Becomes Mobile-Friendly with New Features & Functionality

Recently, LightEdge rolled out a new version of the MyLightEdge portal to improve customer experience when managing current services and submitting tickets. The new version was released in three different stages to give customers multiple opportunities to test drive the updated features and functionality of the platform while being able to switch back and forth between portal versions. We want to thank all of the customers who were able to offer real-time feedback to the LightEdge support team before the updated portal was officially launched.

What’s Changed?

The customer feedback over the past two months has been extremely helpful in producing a successful launch. We believe this update will result in a more efficient and enjoyable user experience.
The biggest change customers will notice is the ability to view, update and submit tickets from their mobile devices. The experience on a desktop or laptop will also be much more seamless and intuitive.
Here’s a high-level summary on some of the new MyLightEdge features you can now enjoy:

  • Mobile-friendly interface and ticket submission
  • Updated design layout
  • Better customer views and organization permissions

Here is a quick view of the new MyLightEdge portal platform. Login in now to view the complete redesign of our mobile-friendly platform.

If customers are experiencing any issues or are missing a view into one of their services, please open a ticket in the portal or contact support directly at 1.877.589.3654.

Phase 1

In April of 2018 customers gained the ability to switch back and forth from the old platform into the new platform as they desired. During this phase customers had the chance to test out the new platform and provide early feedback to LightEdge’s development team.

Phase 2 

In May of 2018 customers entered the initial public release phase of the new MyLightEdge portal. As customers logged in during this stage they were defaulted to the new portal. Customers always maintained the option to move freely between portals during this final testing period, but it was encouraged to execute as many tasks as possible in the updated version to flush out as many remaining bugs as possible.

Phase 3

On Tuesday LightEdge moved customers into the final public release phase of the MyLightEdge portal. This final phase officially permitted access to the brand-new portal only. Customers no longer have the ability to move between portal versions. All existing customer feedback has been taken into account with any required modifications and improvements having been made.  Customers always have the ability to continue providing feedback and report any issues with the MyLightEdge portal.

What’s Next?

LightEdge is planning on other updates to enhance functionality throughout the Summer. These updates will include:

  • Faster portal speed
  • Restoring the ability to email support tickets
  • Introducing a login system that supports multi-factor authentication
  • Cloud service update reports

Be sure to keep an eye out for announcements on these upcoming feature releases. In the meantime, enjoy the refreshed look of your MyLightEdge portal, and please provide any feedback to We’d love to hear what you think!
At LightEdge, we strive to provide you with the best working technology, meaning a better avenue to view your service information and communicate with our support team. All customer feedback is read and reviewed by not only our development team, but our Vice President of Operations himself. Your voice is always heard and appreciated at LightEdge. If you would like to contact one of our support experts, you can do so here.


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