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Partner Spotlight: Ciber

When choosing an IT partner it is important to understand what certifications and security processes they have in place. At LightEdge we are continuously working on staying up to date
on the most vital compliance regulations in our industry.
In order to provide businesses with the technology infrastructure they needs to thrive, LightEdge seeks partners that can provide industry-specific expertise with forward thinking solutions. Ciber provides this balance.
Our partnership with Ciber has proven to be essential as we leverage their infrastructure and platform solutions to ensure operational efficiency and drive results from investments.
With the sheer amount of technology infrastructure options available, it’s hard to know what one can meet the organization’s specific business requirements. Thankfully, Ciber helps you define those unique requirements and a narrow list of platforms that will meet those needs. Implementations costs, timing and resources required are all evaluated to make the most of an investment.
Throughout the entire process LightEdge and Ciber become an extension of your IT team by creating optimal solutions specific to you. With an experienced team behind them, Ciber understands not only the technical needs, but also the culture fit.

What makes Ciber a pivotal partner?

With world-class technology and award-winning solutions, Ciber helps you solve your business problems, attain your goals, and meet your growing requirements, while reducing costs. In this way, we remain client focused and results driven.


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