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Partner Spotlight: Insight

LightEdge consistently develops deep relationships with industry leaders of hardware and software providers to not only expand our reach, but to help our clients further their goals through innovative solutions..

Our new partnership with Insight runs deep, and that means we’re now able to leverage Insight’s Cloud Service Provider (CSP) program to help service providers expand their portfolios and differentiate from the competition.
Today’s tech-savvy consumers want seamless experiences, whether they’re doing their jobs or engaging with technology outside of them — and the cloud offers the continuity and flexibility they demand. But adopting a cloud platform requires a partner who can not only consult but execute. For Service Providers, having an organized channel to make their portfolios more dynamic is essential to successfully delivering cloud offerings.
The CSP Program offers two distinct, flexible models for wherever you are in your journey. You can be a direct partner (working with Microsoft) if you already have existing support and billing capabilities, or an indirect partner if you’re on your journey to adopt new systems, tools and staff to take full advantage of the cloud. Whatever the case, LightEdge and Insight’s CSP program will help you make sense of the cloud to deliver better experiences to your end users.

What makes Insight a great partner?

From business and government organizations to healthcare and educational institutions, Insight empowers clients with Intelligent Technology Solutions™ to realize their goals. As a Fortune 500-ranked global provider of hardware, software, cloud and service solutions, we provide clients the guidance and expertise needed to select, implement and manage complex technology solutions to manage today and transform for the future. Together, we’ll help your business run smarter.


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