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The People Behind the Platform

Welcome back to our Operations blog! We have been providing monthly updates on specific projects within the operations team, along with tips, tricks and insight into how to keep everything running smoothly and what to do when an issue occurs to ensure your business is back up and running in no time.
This month we will be showcasing the people behind our operations team to educate customers about LightEdge’s world-class experts. We are speaking with Kate Bills, LightEdge’s Service Delivery Manager. On a typical day, you can find Kate planning, documenting, communicating and driving project timelines and results for both business operations projects and customer service delivery contracts.

Where Your Paths Will Cross

Most customers will interact with their project manager when they’ve signed a contract for new services, or to change an active service. However, customer interactions are not limited to these engagements. “Our goal is to provide coordination for resolution of any customer requests, questions, and concerns, so we frequently continue our relationship with our customers post implementation,” said Bills.
Each project manager works jointly with the LightEdge Consulting and Support team on projects. Bills explains how her team might be asked for a project plan proposal to give a new prospective customer a snapshot of the process they will enter, along with a potential timeline. Right from the start, LightEdge helps customers innovate by becoming an extension of their IT team.

What Can You Expect?

The LightEdge operations team has been uniquely trained to ensure customers receive legendary service. “We do this by following established communication, documentation and control processes to ensure a repeatable, reliable process flow is experienced by our customers,” said Bills.
If LightEdge customers can count on one thing when they work with the operations team, it’s professionalism. Bills notes that her team must display characteristics of professionalism to clients, coworkers and themselves to be successful.
The operations team has outlined specific characteristics of professionalism. At each member’s desk hangs the document to act as a reminder each day. Bills said, “this document outlines everything we feel defines professionalism.”
We will:

  • Display a positive attitude and outlook in all situations
  • Be respectful of coworker’s space and time
  • Be on time. No, be early!
  • Use appropriate volume and language
  • Maintain poise in all situations
  • Be competent in our field
  • Be accountable for what we know, say, write and do!

How Feedback Betters LightEdge

After almost every interaction customers have with their project manager, they are given the opportunity to provide feedback. “We use customer feedback and surveys to get a true customer perspective of our performance,” said Bills. “We send a satisfaction survey at the close of every project and depend on that feedback to show us our strengths and our weaknesses.”
Each customer response is thoroughly read and used to better the team’s performance. “Customer feedback can be instant gratification when we’ve delivered excellent customer service, or can hit you where it hurts when we learn we didn’t meet our own expectations,” said Bills. “Whether good, or not so good, our customers are telling us exactly how they feel and that’s real data that guides our drive to deliver first class customer service.”
Thanks for reading our monthly operations blog! If you missed last month’s post about Data Center Operations, you can find it here. We hope you learned more about the people behind the platform. Check back next month to find out new ways that LightEdge can help make your operations run smoothly.
The people behind LightEdge's platform


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