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Top 4 Reasons for Banks to Colocate

While Colocation is no stranger to the financial industry, it is increasingly becoming the norm and often considered essential for banks to function efficiently. Colocation provides secure, redundant, scalable, and affordable options that are vital to the growth and success of a business. Today we check out the top 4 reasons for banks to colocate and how they can benefit from partnering with colocation provider.


Physical Security and Compliance

Receive piece-of-mind with industry leading physical security and compliance. LightEdge provides around the clock security that will keep your data safe. Compliance as a Service will simplify your audit process and provide you with the support you deserve. Outsourcing your colocation services will allow you to focus on the things that matter most to your organization, helping to exceed growth goals.



Outsourcing colocation facilities will provide you with top performing IT and allow you to remove barriers to growth with scalability that’s on your schedule. In the ever evolving world of technology, it can be tricky to keep facilities up to date when data is housed on-premise. Colocation offers simpler solutions in the event that change is required.


Redundancy and Reliability

Environmental factors, cyber attacks and human error are all elements that could potentially create disruption for your organization. In the event that disaster occurs, you can reduce your risk of being disrupted through a colocation provider. LightEdge guarantees 100% uptime through our 8 purpose built data centers, keeping your organization always up and always on. Banks who colocate will be able to worry less about the fallout of downtime and operate business as usual.



Set yourself apart from the rest of the financial industry! Colocation will give you the edge in customer experience and impress your shareholders with 100% uptime and top-performing IT.


Let LightEdge Be You Colocation Provider

Colocation may be what your institution needs to give you a leg up in the industry. As a top-tier colocation provider, LightEdge provides a high level of reliability through secure, certified data centers and around the clock support on site. Our customized and scalable solutions give you the control, reduce your risk and provide you with industry leading security. Set your organization apart from the pack and grow faster with LightEdge, our experts are standing by.


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