LightEdge acquired two data centers from OnRamp Access, Inc. in Austin, Texas in 2018. Since then, we’ve invested heavily in these Austin data center facilities to provide more compliance standards, better connectivity, more redundancy, and additional offerings and expertise.

Both are located in a thriving hub of tech innovation, 200 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, 150 miles from Houston, and 200 miles from Dallas. Austin’s low occurrence of natural disasters also makes it an ideal location for disaster recovery data center services.

Data Center I Address Information

2916 Montopolis Drive
Suite 300
Austin, Texas 78741
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Data Center II Address Information

7000-B Burleson Road
Suite 400
Austin, Texas 78741
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Austin Data Center Fast Facts


LightEdge has a history rooted in providing reliable and secure data center connectivity—offering special value to customers who demand devoted communications with the Internet or even private networks. LightEdge has coupled best-of-class networking and equipment with top tier providers and fiber connections to ensure the utmost in data center connectivity.


Staffed 24/7/365 with experienced support team members. LightEdge’s infrastructure and customer environments are monitored by LightEdge technical staff in Network Operations Centers (NOCs) at each of our data centers. If any issues arise, the NOC staff take immediate steps to address the situation.


To deliver steady power, LightEdge operates a redundant path power architecture. Individual power paths are protected by generators and uninterruptible power supplies with dedicated fuel and battery storage. High availability is provided by delivering two or more redundant path power circuits to the rack. Our Austin data centers have access to the ERCOT power grid, independent of the Eastern and Western power grids.


LightEdge’s advanced approach to cooling lets you operate very dense computing infrastructures. Our hot aisle/cold aisle configuration uses super-sized, overhead plenums to deliver pressurized cold air to the top of cold aisles, which can cool full rows of contiguous 30 kW racks.

Austin Data Center Facilities and Amenities

LightEdge Austin data centers Austin data center facility Austin data center server space Austin data center security features Austin data center interior Austin data center interior
LightEdge Austin data centers
Austin data center facility
Austin data center server space
Austin data center security features
Austin data center interior
Austin data center interior

Our Austin data centers are on the ERCOT power grid, which is separate from the other two major power grids in the U.S. The facilities are designed to accommodate your needs for high-density Colocation Services, compliant Cloud Services, and hybrid hosting, backed by redundant power and cooling and 24/7/365 onsite support. Our Austin data centers are high-density computing capable with power densities upwards of 30kW / rack, with a combined 21 megawatts of capacity.

Both Austin facilities are equipped to offer business continuity solutions that ensure uninterrupted performance of mission-critical systems in the event of a disaster, cyber-attack, or downtime due to system failure. From managed backups and colocation to comprehensive disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), our facilities are ready to support your business continuity plan.

Our facilities offer storage spaces to fit your needs and can grow along with your business requirements.

Cages – Choose between a dedicated, locked cage or a shared environment. Either way, you gain all the advantages of the existing LightEdge network and data center infrastructure, plus the convenience and security of a HITRUST certified facility to house your critical information.

Racks – To meet smaller space requirements, you can opt for a rack-based solution in a more cost-effective, shared data center environment with the opportunity to add racks to scale as needed.

Austin Data Center Campus Specifications


  • Redundant isolated path power architecture for true 2N power
  • Multiple redundant utility transformers, generators, automatic transfer switches (ATSs), main switch panels, UPSs, and PDUs
  • Priority refueling contracts for continuous generator operation during emergencies
  • Operate at a minimum of N+1 on HVAC system
  • Slab floors, with 14-foot overhead plenum for advanced HVAC remediation and delivery
  • Controlled temperature and humidity via building management systems
  • Dry pipe, dual-action fire suppression system


  • Two factor authentication on all critical entry points
  • Biometric fingerprint readers
  • Bulletproof mantrap front entrance
  • Individually locking, audit-traceable rack systems
  • 24/7/365 monitored video surveillance with 90 days of footage retained
  • Multiple logical security systems, including intrusion detection and prevention, and vulnerability management
  • Assessments and coordinated strategies for combating DDOS attacks



  • Diverse fiber entry points with connectivity up to 1Gbps
  • Redundant internet with multiple tier 1 providers
  • 100Mbps, 1Gbps, and 10Gbps Ethernet drops with full burstability
  • Fiber from 10+ carriers for point-to-point or internet connectivity

Cloud Compatability

As one of the nation’s leading tech markets, Austin is no stranger to the benefits of the cloud. From enhanced collaboration and mobility to comprehensive data security, Austin businesses are leveraging the full power of the cloud to positively impact their bottom line. Our Austin Data Centers are compatible with the following cloud solutions:

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