Why LightEdge DDoS Protection?

DDoS attacks are continuing to grow in frequency and complexity. As the leader in connectivity, LightEdge takes a proactive stance to deliver the top network safeguards every organization should have. Our internet is inherently built to handle mission-critical, compliant workloads. On top of that included security, we offer two tiers of DDoS Protection to upgrade your LightEdge Internet experience and protect against the rest.

Top Tier Network Protection:

DDoS Protection & Mitigation
  • LightEdge will “scrub” or clean your traffic from the attack, while leaving legitimate traffic to flow unhindered. This protection will safeguard you against 95% of DDoS attacks. For the remaining 5% of attacks that fall into the largest ever recorded category, LightEdge allows scrubbing to also occur in cloud scrubbing centers with unlimited scale.

LightEdge DDoS Protection is right for you if:

  1. You’re a high-value target (Bank, Retail, etc.)
  2. You cannot afford to have hours of downtime
  3. You want to avoid deploying internally and coordinating multiple carriers
  4. You need to be protected from upstream attacks
  5. You are security conscious and need to be made immediately aware of an attack

What’s Next?

With DDoS Protection, it’s recommended to have these safeguarding measures in place prior to an attack ever taking place so that we’re able to mitigate the situation right away. Interested in staying ahead of DDoS threats? Let’s Get You Setup.

We do understand that it may be too late in some instances and you may already be in emergency, reactive mode. If your company is currently under attack, LightEdge can step in to assist and work with you to figure out a solution. If you’re concerned or experiencing issues, contact us here immediately