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Be Prepared, or Risk it all

From unpredictable natural disasters to increased risks of stealthy cyber attacks, businesses large and small risk losing revenue and ruined reputations if they do not have effective business continuity plans in place.
There’s no doubt companies are embracing new workpractices, with an increased reliance on shared work spaces.  Additionally, as the  workplace become more mobile  employees often don’t  convene in a designated office. As a result, the traditional model of business continuity and disaster recovery must continue to advance along with the mobility of employees.
However, disaster recovery methods are falling behind and need to better reflect the evolving workplace trends. In a recent survey, the work from home option has become a popular recovery strategy with 39 percent of businesses relying on this as a current strategy; and 75 percent expecting  to employ this option moving forward. Yet, this disaster recovery option doesn’t consider the many associated risk factors.
Do employees have suitable homes for working? Do they have a fast and reliable internet connections?   Do they have effective network security and access passwords in place.  Are they equipped with mobile computing equipment sufficient for anything more than email?  Do they all know how to remote access corporate servers?   Many businesses admit they haven’t researched or tested these factors to find out.
Businesses falter when they don’t have a clear understanding of their recovery needs, disaster recovery plan or the options available to them. Gartner estimates that only 35 percent of businesses have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place. International Data Corp. estimates that companies lose an average of $84,000 of every hour of downtime.
The time is now to start considering your options. Without it, chances of a successful recovery are slim. Whatever solutions a company decides on, it should be well tested and meet employee-related requirements to ensure people stay top of mind.

How we can help

Thankfully, LightEdge offers a comprehensive set of disaster recovery solutions to ensure uninterrupted performance of business operations and mission-critical systems in the event of a crisis or disaster.  From geo-diverse site backups to redundant network paths, to fully equipped disaster recovery seats, our team of business continuity experts can tailor services to meet your unique business and employee needs depending on your disaster recovery plan.
LightEdge understands that a disaster could strike at any moment. That’s why you can reach us any day, at any time. Our facilities have 24/7/365 access to technicians that provide onsite support with the highest levels of security and reliability. Both our Des Moines and  Kansas City  data centers have disaster recovery work stations  ready to meet the needs of our customer and their employees.   Our disaster recovery seats are securely integrated to customer’s applications and data running in the LightEdge Cloud in our Tier III compliant, high availability data centers.  Tink of is as disaster recovery in a box!
Contact LightEdge now to learn more about our disaster recovery solutions and how to always remain prepared in the event of an emergency.


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