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Cloud solutions can make disaster recovery, business continuity easier

Just when it seems things can’t get any worse, they get better.
I was talking recently to an architect who works for a very large technology provider. During our conversation, he contended that the cloud was making it easier for vendors to bypass the CIO. That way, salespeople can pitch the vice president of marketing directly about buying their cloud-based software and — maybe the best part — not have to involve IT in the selection, implementation or support processes.
For this reason and others, we might think that the cloud makes things worse. From my own perspective, however, the availability of cloud-based products also can make things much better.
For example, disaster recovery and business continuity planning is a lot easier now than it was just a few years ago. In the old days (you know — a few years ago) if you wanted a cold, warm or hot site, you had to build it yourself. And justifying such an investment was always a challenge. I found it difficult, even with a generous board of directors, to convince people to spend money on something we hoped we would never have to use.
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